Friday, April 30, 2010

Dad charged with murder for death of 2-year-old son; despite "custody dispute," child died during visitation with dad (Moreno Valley, California)

Hat tip to Kathleen for sending me this update on this case.

We previously reported on this case with an article dated April 14, where it was reported that the child was brain dead from a severe head injury. However, there was NOT A WORD in that article explaining that this incident apparently took place during father ALEXANDRO BAEZA's visitation, after the unmarried parents had been in a "custody dispute" for the past year (translation: after the abusive father had been harrassing the mother about visitation for the past year). Very often, the media omits any report on the custodial context of a child abuse incident, and if or when it is reported, it's not done consistently. Note also we're told that "the family had a history with child protective services," which seems to be a misleading statement as well. Notice that so far, there hasn't been a word about the mother having a history of abuse. So I think we're just talking about Daddy, but refusing to say it plainly.

The "alleged" killer's sister's explanation is complete bogus, but you need to understand something about head injuries to know this. Very, very seldom to babies fall off a bed and suffer a fatal head injury. Most of the time, fatal abusive head injuries are INTENTIONALLY INFLICTED--typically by fathers, stepfathers and boyfriends when they are alone with the baby, like Baeza was. And I have a hard time believing that the mother brought the child over to Dad's in that state. If she had, then why didn't these idiots take the baby to the hospital immediately? Believe me, you would have seen more severe symptoms than mere sleepiness. But then the sister is being totally inconsistent in her excuses anyway.

Father charged with murder after Moreno Valley boy dies

11:15 PM PDT on Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Press-Enterprise

A Moreno Valley man was charged Wednesday with murder and child abuse after his 2-year-old son was declared brain dead.

The toddler was officially declared deceased at 9:30 p.m. Tuesday at Riverside County Regional Medical Center, Riverside County Central Homicide Detective Dean Spivacke said. Homicide detectives said the boy's father, Alexandro Baeza, 26, is suspected of inflicting the injuries that led to his death.

Family members identified the boy as Isaac Gallegos, who remained on life support in order to donate his organs.

Moreno Valley police began investigating the case when Isaac was brought to the hospital by ambulance with a serious head injury Saturday evening. Baeza called authorities when the boy stopped breathing.

Detectives arrested Baeza Sunday on suspicion of child abuse. The Riverside County district attorney's office filed a murder charge Wednesday.

Baeza appeared briefly in court Wednesday where he was appointed a deputy public defender, but he did not enter a plea.

Andrea Gallegos, the boy's mother, said she and Baeza are not married and have been in a custody dispute during the past year.

Homicide detectives said the family had a history with child protective services. Social services officials in San Bernardino and Riverside counties said any records of the family were confidential.

Baeza's sister-in-law, Jessie Barbarian, said the child was brought from his mother's home to Baeza's house for a weekend visit. She said he appeared sick, did not eat and only wanted to sleep. She said Isaac may have fallen off a bed, but Baeza never hit him.

Detectives said the injuries appeared to be intentional.

Baeza was the only person with the boy at the time he was injured, Spivacke said. Authorities do not consider Gallegos a suspect.

An autopsy is expected to be conducted, Spivacke said.

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