Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Dad kidnaps 13-day-old son, then kills him (Parrays Village, St. Kitts)

Dad is identified as PRINCE YAHWEH HENRY.


Father In Custody For Macabre Death Of Infant

LK Hewlett

Story Updated: November 24th 2014 at 2:52 pm

A father is in custody after he reportedly ‘kidnapped’ his 13-day-old son and the infant’s remains discovered hours later.

The heart-wrenching and disturbing events unfolded yesterday afternoon (Nov 23).

Prince Yahweh Henry, also known as Shabba and Nkozi, of Parrays Village, left the home he shared with the mother of his twin babies with the male infant sometime after midnight. Henry was reportedly having a “mental health” issue at the time.

Late that morning police reached out to the media and public for assistance in locating the missing man and the child.

After 2pm, following an intense police search, Henry was located in the Bayfords mountains; he did not have the baby with him.

He then led police to where he claimed he had buried the dead infant.

“Prince Henry admitted to leaving the child in the hills and took the police to the location. Remains of an infant believed to be the missing infant, were found on the scene. Prince Yahweh Henry is now in police custody assisting with the investigation,” police reported Sunday evening.

The Observer understands from a source close to the investigation that flesh had been ‘removed’ from parts of the infant, right down to the bones.

Police inform that an autopsy will be performed to determine cause of death and other critical information.

Prince Yahweh Henry is now in police custody assisting with the investigation and has not been charged with an offense.