Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Custodial dad jailed for raping 5-year-old daughter (Swaziland)

UNNAMED DAD was convicted of raping his 5-year-old daughter. Same old bullsh** excuses you hear from these @$$holes in every corner of the world. So how did this piece of crap get custody of this child? What happened to her mother? Why doesn't this little girl "know her"?


26 October, 2011 12:00:00

Stories by Sibonginkosi Mamba

A Mozambican man was yesterday convicted for raping his five year-old daughter twice.

He raped the child in January, 2010 at the family home in the Manzini region.

The names of the convict, the child and witnesses and the exact location of the home may not be disclosed, to protect the child.

The beast had entered a not guilty plea.

According to the evidence presented in court, the rapist used to share a bed with the child. On the day in question he took a chance at night and raped the child. He also ordered her not to tell anyone about the incidence despite that the ordeal had been painful.

A witness told the court that the child came to her the following day and found her taking a bath. The minor noted that the witness did not have a penis like her father. She also commented that the witness could not do what her father had done to her. She went on and demonstrated what her father had done with the ‘instrument’ to the witness’s amazement. In shock, the witness called witness No:2 who also saw the demonstration of how the rapist had raped his biological daughter. The child was subsequently taken to Raleigh Fitkin Memorial Hospital for examination.

The doctor’s report stated that while her private parts were bruised, the hymen was intact. But the report did indicate that the bruises suggested that there had been attempt to penetrate the child with a blunt object. Investigations led to the father who denied ever committing the offence. He informed the court that during investigation police threatened him saying that he would not come back alive if he did not co-operate with them.

He was charged with rape and contravening the country’s immigration laws.

He pleaded guilty to the immigration charge and not guilty to the rape.Further, he denied ever sharing a bed with his child saying they used two separate beds. However, after analysing the evidence the court found him guilty. Judge Esther Ota said the complainant’s evidence was credible.

The judge observed that the survivor gave a graphic detail of how the offence was committed and knew where it was committed. “Even when the accused insisted that she (complainant) was lying before court, she maintained her evidence,” the judge stated.

Judge Ota further observed that the complainant’s evidence was corroborated by the witnesses.
“It is my view that the complainant did not consent to sexual intercourse. Further, she was under the age of 12 and could not give consent to sex,” Judge Ota said. The rapist was eventually found guilty and will be sentenced this morning.

I did not rape child, she
had vaginal sickness - Father

The rapist father told the court that he did not rape his daughter and that the bruises on her private parts were self-inflicted because the minor had a certain infection.

According to the evidence, in his attempts to be exonerated, he told the court that his daughter would constantly scratch her private parts because of the sickness.

“As the accuse laboured to convince the court that the bruises were inflicted by the victim herself, he said she had an infection which was troubling her,” Judge Ota said.

According to the rapist the said infection needed traditional herbs which he was in the process of procuring when he was arrested. He narrated to the court that her child’s private parts kept itching hence the bruises.
The rapist said the sickness had also infected the minor’s elder brother who was also treated traditionally.
However, such evidence was rejected by the court as an after-thought. He was finally found guilty of raping his daughter. The offence was accompanied by aggravating circumstances in that at the time the child was sexually inactive and very young. Further, he was his biological father hence he broke the trust relationship with the child.

Rapist dad worried about child’s future

AFTER being convicted of raping his own daughter, the rapist, said he was worried about the future of his child.

In mitigation he said it pained him a lot that now his child was going to be raised like an orphan, yet he was still alive.

“I want to live and provide for her. What will become of her because she does not know her mother,” he lamented. The beast further implored the court to consider that the whole story of rape was fabricated by all the Crown’s witnesses.

“The prosecutor and all the witnesses are lying,” he complained. He said he had hoped to raise the child in a way from which she would not depart even after growing up. He stated that the witnesses were lying so that the relationship between him and his daughter would be broken. “She will regret this when she grows. She will realize that she erred and I still maintain that I do not know the charge,” the rapist insisted.

Lomvula Hlophe who represented the Crown urged the court to consider that the rapist had been convicted of a very serious crime. She stated that rape was degrading. “Accused is a natural father.

He is not fit and proper parent to take care of the child,” Hlophe explained. She further implored the court to hand down a sentence that would serve as a deterrent to other would-be rapists. Judge Ota is expected to sentence the rapist this morning after she asked to be given time to consider same.