Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Drunk, abusive formerly custodial dad assaults daycare worker for not handing over kids (Ronan, Montana)

It appears that this drunken lunatic of a father had custody before he lost it to CPS. Notice that there is NO MENTION of the mother. The unnamed girlfriend does not appear to be the mom, and I think daycare would have recognized the mother of these kids had she been caring for them.

So what happened to Mom? Who gave the idiot custody to begin with?

Day Care Worker Assaulted for Not Handing Over Children to Drunken Father

October 14, 2015
By Kevin Sawyer

A Montana day care worker was severely beaten and injured when she tried to protect three young children form a drunken father. A day care worker in Ronan, Montana was violently attacked when she refused to hand over three of her charges to the father of the children because he had no legal custody and because he was drunk. Martha McClure has been hospitalized for her injuries and remains afflicted with double vision due to the attack.

Francis Jackson, 31, father of three children who attend Martha’s Mini Day Care Center, showed up there last week accompanied by a woman who has not been identified. He demanded that his three children, all of whom are younger than 4 years old, be handed over to him, according to The Huffington Post.

When Jackson showed up at the day care center, he demanded that McClure release his children into his custody. McClure told police that she could smell alcohol on Jackson and refused to let the children go. McClure was aware that the Salish and Kootenai Tribal Child Protective Services had recently revoked Jackson’s custody rights and that he was not allowed to be anywhere near his children. The Child Protective Services agency currently has the legal custody of Jackson’s children.

When Jackson became agitated, McClure managed to push Jackson out of the room they were in and secured the door behind him. Jackson, then, became enraged and began hurling children’s toys, which included a small tricycle, at the dividing windows in an effort to get in. McClure, then, went out into the other room to confront Jackson and the woman that was with him.

McClure and Jackson were having angry words when the other woman smashed McClure in the face with a snow shovel. Jackson, right after, punched McClure in the face and then both Jackson and the woman hurried from the building without taking the children.

Jackson was arrested by police on the Kalispel Indian Reservation and was immediately charged with aggravated burglary. The woman who was with Jackson has yet to be arrested or identified. Police say charges and decisions are pending regarding the woman who hit McClure in the face with a snow shovel.

McClure had surgery done to her eyes and face and a social media photo shows her with two black eyes and some severe facial bruises and injuries. Her stepdaughter stated that McClure is “still in high spirits” and is anxious to return to work.