Sunday, October 4, 2015

Dad beats 4-year-old daughter to death for "failing" to cover her head (India)

Dad is identified as JAFAR HUSSAIN.

Father thrashes four-year-old to death for failing to cover her head

Oct 03, 2015 | Age Correspondent

Victim’s mother filed an FIR after the accused asked her to bury the body in their home

Bareilly: In a shocking case, a four-year-old Muslim girl was allegedly thrashed to death by her father for failing to cover her head while eating her food in a village near Bareilly, according to reports.

Uttar Pradesh police said that the incident took place on Friday noon, when the little girl Farheen was having lunch with her mother. The father of the girl, Jafar Hussain flew into a rage when he saw that his daughter did not have her head covered. Hussain then picked the little girl up from the floor and repeatedly flung her against the ground for failing to notice that her dupatta had slipped from her head.

The mother who was eyewitness to the gruesome incident, told the police in her statement that the incident had happened in front of the entire family. The girl’s mother claims that she tried to intervene and save the child, but the accused beat her up. She failed to stop him and he continued to assault the child till she died from the impact of her injuries. Hussain then allegedly asked his wife to bury little Farheen inside their house, but the mother refused to comply with his demand and filed a FIR against him.

“Police have arrested the father for killing his daughter and we are questioning him about the incident,” superintendent of police BK Srivastav said.

The police questioned some of the neighbours, who described the accused as “mentally unstable”, they said that he was a staunch Muslim who did not interact with anybody, not even his relatives. Hussain lives with his wife Naeem and their four children in the village, while their eldest child is five, the youngest is a ten month old baby.

According to the neighbours, the family is extremely poor and sometimes would have to go without food. Fear gripped them when they came to know about Farheen’s murder, and nobody dared enter the house until the police arrived at the crime scene.