Monday, September 7, 2015

Dad gets life sentence for sexually abusing daughter during visitation (Fort Worth, Texas)

Notice the use of the passive tense here: "he was granted regular visitation." WHO granted sick pedo dad DANIEL GARCIA JR. visitation when he had had no contact with this girl from birth to seven? Was any of his past history with the step children known at that time?

North Texas man given life sentence for abuse of daughter
Marjorie Owens, WFAA 9:37 p.m. CDT September 5, 2015

FORT WORTH — A young girl's desire to connect with her father led to a tragic case of abuse that prosecutors say ultimately led to her "stolen innocence."

Daniel Garcia Jr. was sentenced to life in prison by a grand jury for sexually abusing his daughter over four years after he was granted regular visitations.

At the age of 7, the victim asked her mother if she could meet Garcia, her biological father, read a statement from District Attorney Sharen Wilson. Soon after their initial meeting, he was granted regular visitations, and the abuse began.

Prosecutors say the child endured abuse that escalated over a four-year period. "The girl, now a tween, quietly recounted her memories of the abuse to the jury the first day of the trial," Wilson said.

During her testimony, the young girl recounted how in addition to the abuse, she was forced to look at graphic pornography, including images of bestiality. "

And investigators recovered graphic Internet searches on Garcia's laptop, such as 'sex with my young daughter,'" Wilson said. "His laptop also revealed evidence Garcia had installed software enabling online peer file-sharing, regularly utilized by those possessing child pornography."

Garcia's father also took the stand. Previous to the abuse, the elderly father and his wife were granted custody of two of Garcia's other children. He also told the jury the father of two of Garcia's previous stepchildren also accused him of sexual abuse. Angered, the man attempted to shoot Garcia, but instead shot Garcia's father, who attempted to block the gunfire.

"This case was an ugly glimpse into the mind of a pedophile," said prosecutor David Alex. "I pray that we can break the stronghold they have over their young victims and get more of them off the streets."