Saturday, September 19, 2015

Dad admits killing 9-week-old daughter (Australia)

The more-useless-than-trash father is identified as BRETT ANDREW KITCHIN.

Baby shaking murder: Brett Andrew Kitchin admits to killing nine-week old daughter
By Sallese Gibson
Posted Thu at 11:40pm

A northern Tasmanian man has pleaded guilty to the shaking murder of his nine-week-old daughter. Azzali Dolcie May Thomson died of head injuries in February 2014, consistent with being shaken forcefully.

Her 28-year-old father, Brett Andrew Kitchin, was charged with her murder and ill-treatment.

He had previously pleaded not guilty to the charges, but entered guilty pleas in the Supreme Court in Launceston this morning.

The court heard Kitchin regularly squeezed, shook, poked and pinched his daughter over a six-week period, causing multiple rib fractures and severe bruising.

Police prosecutors told the court Kitchin got into a rage after having difficulty feeding his daughter and applied pressure to her neck, squeezed her chest and shook her forcefully, causing the massive brain injuries that resulted in her death.

Court hears details of crime The court heard Kitchin woke to feed Azzali at 7:00am on February 2, 2014, and became angry when it became difficult.

He shook her forcefully, causing massive brain injuries, fractured shoulders and ribs and bruising to her neck, jaw and face.

He then put her back into the bassinet and went back to bed.

Azzali continued to scream for several hours.

Her mother tried to feed her at 11:00am and noticed she would not open her mouth and had a swollen face.

Azzali was taken to the Launceston General Hospital at 1:20pm, in a semi-conscious state.

Kitchin told doctors he may have bumped Azzali's head when getting her out of the car.

An emergency CT scan found bleeding on her brain and showed a number of historic rib fractures.

She was airlifted to the Royal Hobart Hospital's neo-natal unit. Azzali died on February 6, after her life support was switched off.

The coroner found Azzali died of head injuries consistent with being shaken and that it was not clear which violent incident caused her death, as she had been subject to severe and progressive damage over a period of weeks.

The police prosecutor told the court Azzali was defenceless and that the violence inflicted on her was extreme.