Friday, April 3, 2015

"Male friend" of custodial dad had "lengthy" criminal history including assault and sexual assault before rape-murder of 3-year-old girl; why is he out on bail? (Brisbane, Australia)

More on the "male friend" of custodial dad MATTHEW LEE WILLIAMSON. Both men have been charged with manslaughter in the rape-murder of Williamson's daughter.

A theme often seen with custodial dads and murdered children is that the Evil Step is set up as the Cause of it All. Poor innocent, clueless Daddy just had no idea.

Here we see a twist on the same theme. It's the boyfriend's fault. Er, male friend's fault!

Mothers are routinely bashed in the press and the public at large for living with violent boyfriends or husbands with criminal records, especially if there are indications that the man abused her kids. Doesn't matter if Mom was battered herself, or even if she had defensive wounds as I saw in a case (where else?) in Florida. Doesn't matter if the man has threatened to kill her or the kids if she notifies the authorities. These mothers are routinely jailed for "failure to protect", call the police, or seek medical care in a "timely" manner.  

But nobody is questioning why a father with custody of a 3-year-old girl lived with a man with a "lengthy" criminal history including assault and sexual assault.

And why the hell is a man with this history out on bail? Especially when the forensic evidence (the girl's blood found in his shorts) suggests he was the one who raped a toddler??? Be very afraid women and mothers of Australia...

Toddler Kyhesha-Lee Joughin ‘in distress’ before death, court told 

Brooke Baskin The Courier-Mail
April 01, 2015 2:38PM

A LITTLE girl from Brisbane was allegedly locked in a bedroom for so long she was forced to urinate and defecate before she died suddenly with severe internal injuries, a court has been told.

New details of the tragic death of three-year-old Kyhesha-Lee Joughin were aired in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Wednesday as one of the men accused of her manslaughter was released on bail.

Chief Magistrate Judge Ray Rinaudo granted bail to Christopher Arthur Neville Kent, 46, after carefully considering submissions from his lawyers in relation to the alleged killing and a second charge of cruelty to children.

The girl’s father, Matthew Lee Williamson, is already on bail for identical charges. Kyhesha-Lee was allegedly unable to be revived by ambulance crews after she was found living in “squalid conditions” in her father’s Petrie home, north of Brisbane, on March 30, 2013.

In opposing bail, Crown prosecutor Vicki Loury said the girl had severe penetrative injuries to her vagina that occurred roughly three days before her death, on Easter Saturday two years ago. She said the girl had also sustained blows to her stomach that damaged her bowel.

Ms Loury said the child had not been seen by anyone other than her father and Kent for almost a week before her death.

She said that when a visitor to the house arrived on Good Friday, the little girl was “in extreme distress and extremely unwell”.

Ms Loury said blood was found on Kent’s shorts that allegedly matched Kyhesha-Lee. She said Kent lived in the unit and slept in the lounge room at the time of the little girl’s death and knew Williamson would allegedly lock the child in a bedroom for so long it caused her to urinate and defecate in that room.

Ms Loury told the court Kent fled to New South Wales after the child’s death and she argued that demonstrated a consciousness of guilt.

That was opposed by barrister Soraya Ryan, for Kent, who argued her client fled because he panicked that he failed to do anything to save the child.

She told the court Kent was arrested by police in NSW a day after fleeing Queensland and was jailed for five months for separate traffic offences.

Ms Ryan said Kent was extradited back to Queensland and had been in custody since.

She said Kent wanted to live with his sister in Newcastle and attend an intensive outpatient clinic to assist in his rehabilitation for drug abuse.

Ms Ryan said negotiations were in process with the prosecution for a plea of guilty to the child’s manslaughter only on the basis of criminal negligence.

“If the prosecution don’t accept that plea and if the conviction is on the basis he was actually involved in the child’s death, it’s much more complicated,” she said.

Judge Rinaudo granted bail on the basis Kent was not a flight risk and because he had served some 17-months behind bars on remand.

He said although Kent’s criminal history was lengthy and involved a number of offences of assault and one dated conviction for sexual assault, they were not of such a nature that would lead him to be a risk of re-offending.

Judge Rinaudo said there appeared to be “some issues” with the case against Kent.

He imposed rigorous conditions, including that Kent reside with his sister, not reside with children, participate in rehabilitation, surrender his passport, stay 200m from an international point of departure and report to police.

Kent and Williamson will front court again for a two-day hearing in May for the cross-examination of up to 25 witnesses.