Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dad convicted of 11 counts of sexual conduct with his children (Stockton, California)

Dad JOHN DAVID LLOYD has finally been convicted of sexually abusing his two children over a period of years.

Jury convicts man on 11 counts of sexual conduct with children
By Alexis Bechman

October 13, 2009

A 47-year-old man was sentenced to 220 years in prison after a Gila County Superior Court jury found him guilty of 11 counts of sexual misconduct with his children.

John David Lloyd of Stockton, Calif. was sentenced Sept. 28 after being convicted of having sex with his two children at least 1,000 times while living in Payson nearly 10 years ago. A Gila County jury found Lloyd guilty of the crimes July 30.

“One of the seemingly impossible tasks we ask of victims is to face their abuser, yet these two victims not only stood up to their abuser, but did so with courage and conviction,” said Deputy County Attorney Ramai Alvarez who prosecuted the case along with Lacy Hakim.

Both children testified against Lloyd during the trial.

Presiding Judge Peter Cahill sentenced Lloyd to 20 years on each of the 11 counts to run consecutively.

“All to be served day for day,” said County Attorney Daisy Flores.

According to a police report filed by Payson Police Detective Matt Van Camp, Lloyd's daughter reported the abuse to a counselor in 2002 when she was 13 years old, several years after the abuse had stopped.

Lloyd’s daughter told authorities during a forensic interview that Lloyd had routinely raped her since she was 4 years old. The abuse started when the family lived at a grandparent’s home in Payson.

According to the report, the girl told police she was raped nearly every night for four months. When she was 5 years old, the family moved from the girl’s grandparent’s home into a home in Payson.

There the abuse continued nearly every night until the girl was 8 years old, she told police. Lloyd reportedly told his daughter he would kill her if she reported the abuse, according to the police report.

The abuse only stopped when Lloyd married. Lloyd’s daughter was eventually removed from the home by Child Protective Services (CPS) after Lloyd reportedly hit his then-wife.

“In attempting to calculate the number of times that (the daughter) would have been sexually abused, molested by her father over the years, it equates to approximately 1,400 times,” the report states.

Lloyd and his wife eventually divorced. The ex-wife was interview by Van Camp during the investigation and she reported that she knew of the abuse because Lloyd’s daughter told her Lloyd touched her inappropriately.

After the girl disclosed the abuse to a counselor, Lloyd’s son came forward in 2002 to also report abuse to a counselor.

In August 2002, the boy underwent a forensic interview by Van Camp where he stated Lloyd assaulted him when he was 11 years old. The sexual abuse happened eight times while the family lived in Payson. The abuse stopped one month before the boy was placed in a foster home.

According to the police report, both children had disclosed the abuse to CPS as early as September 1998. Both children were eventually adopted by family or foster parents.

The Gila County attorney’s office took over the case after it was investigated by the Payson Police Department. Lloyd was brought to Gila County to stand trial after he fought extradiction. Lloyd was eventually charged with 11 counts of sexual conduct with a minor.