Monday, October 12, 2009

Dad accused of fracturing skull on infant son, then skipping town after being questioned by police (Bristol, Virginia)

Dad QUINCY LAMONT BOLDEN is accused of fracturing his infant son's skull in four places, and then skipping town after being questioned by police.

Police: Man’s Abuse Sends Infant Son To Hospital ICU
By Claire Galofaro Police Beat Reporter - Bristol Herald Courier
Published: October 9, 2009

BRISTOL, Va. – A city man is accused of sending his infant son to the hospital with multiple skull fractures, then skipping town after being questioned by police.

The six-month-old was taken to Bristol Regional Medical Center by his mother and live-in grandmother. Hospital staff called police around 4:30 a.m. Sunday, when they determined the four fractures on the left side of the boy’s head were likely not caused by an accident, police said.

The child was in intensive care until Thursday afternoon.

The baby’s father, Quincy Lamont Bolden, 23, of Clinton Avenue, was arrested Tuesday, some 750 miles away, at his mother’s house in Winnebago County, Ill., just outside of Rockford.

Bristol Virginia Police Detective Sgt. Steve Crawford said Thursday they do not yet know exactly what happened to the child, but “force was used to fracture his skull.” They suspect alcohol was involved, he said.

The mother and grandmother discovered the baby screaming and, after realizing he had a head injury, rushed him to the hospital.

The grandmother told police that her daughter’s live-in boyfriend, the baby’s father, made physical sexual advances toward her very early Sunday, according to Crawford. She turned him down, and he was left alone with the baby for a time, he said.

The family – the child’s mother, father, grandmother and 18-month-old sister – moved to Bristol about a year ago from Winnebago County and were planning to move back, Crawford said. They’d already rented a moving van.

Police questioned Bolden and then left to obtain arrest warrants for charges of child abuse and sexual battery, the latter stemming from the accusations of unwanted physical advances on the grandmother.

Meanwhile, before he could be arrested and charged, Bolden packed up the rental truck and headed out, leaving his girlfriend and two children behind. Police contacted Winnebago County, and authorities there picked him up at his mother’s house.

Bolden had outstanding warrants for failing to appear in court in both Winnebago County and neighboring Boone County, according to the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office.

Crawford said Thursday that the “cute, little baby” is going to be OK, although his exact condition was not known late Thursday.

The Department of Social Services is involved, monitoring the child and the family environment, he said.

Bolden is being held without bond awaiting an Oct. 19 extradition hearing.