Monday, June 29, 2009

"Perv Dad for Fun" arrested for offering his 5-year-old for sex (Raleigh, North Carolina)

FRANK LOMBARD has been arrested for offering up his 5-year-old adopted son for sex to an undercover police officer. This "father" has already admitted that he molested the child "on several occasions" in full view of other adult members of an adult video chat service. Lombard, who is a gay white male, was able to adopt two African-American children with his partner.
Lombard, who was employed as associate director at Duke University's Global Health Institute, hardly fit the public's dangerous stereotype of pedophiles as nothing but misfit unemployed losers. A grim reminder that molesters come in all "sexual orientations" and from all kinds of professional and educational backgrounds--something that the public, law enforcment, and the courts are often reluctant to acknowledge.

Duke University Official, “Perv Dad for Fun” Charged in Revolting Web Sex Sting

June 28, 2009

(ChatahBox)—Frank Lombard, a Duke University official, reported to be an alleged longtime pedophile and active member of an adult video cam service, was arrested by the FBI on Wednesday in Raleigh, NC, for offering up his 5-year-old adopted son for sex to an undercover police officer.

Lombard also admitted to the undercover police officer that he sexually molested his own son on several occasions.

Lombard was charged with attempting to induce someone to cross state lines to engage in sex with a child, which is punishable by a maximum prison sentence of 20 years.

Frank Lombard, worked as the associate director for Duke’s Global Health Institute, since 1999 and has now been placed on unpaid leave.

The details of this case are extremely disturbing and raise questions of how Lombard was able to get away with the shocking sexual molestation of his own son, reportedly since he was an infant, in full view of other members of the adult video chat service, named iCU2.

According to reports, the FBI became aware of Frank Lombard’s sickening sex crimes, from an informant, facing child porn charges of his own. The informant offered up Lombard, something that is usually done by a criminal in exchange for a deal.

The informant offered graphic details to investigators of how Lombard sexually molested a very young African-American child, he claimed was his own adopted son, on four separate occasions, captured on his private web cam and broadcast to an unknown number of subscribers of iCU2.
One of the observers was the informant, and after watching Lombard molest his own son on video the first time, he came back to watch the horrific sex crime against a child on three additional occasions.

The informant “met” Lombard on the Internet four years ago. Since the growth of the Internet, pedophiles and sexual predators have found an easy way to gather together with other like-minded deviants, and hunt for victims.

The informant provided enough information to investigators, enabling them to go undercover and nab Lombard on the Internet. Investigators knew that Lombard was a white male who lived in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina and that he has two adopted African-American children.

Timothy Palchak, a Washington, D.C., police detective went undercover with the video chat service and found Lombard, using the screen name “FL,” who also identified himself as a “perv dad for fun.” Lombard sent the detective nude photos of himself, which were matched with the photo on Lombard’s NC driver’s license.

During the course of the detective’s chats with Lombard on iCU2, Lombard boasted that he molested his own adopted child, and that he allowed other adults to molest his child.
Lombard also bragged to the detective that “the abuse of the child was easier when the child was too young to talk or know what was happening, but that he had drugged the child with Benadryl during the molestation,” according to the detective’s affidavit.

At some point during their online chats, Lombard invited the undercover detective to fly to Raleigh to have sex with Lombard’s 5-year-old adopted child in a hotel.

The North Carolina Department of Social Services removed two children from Lombard’s home and put them into protective custody.

According to the owners of the adult video chat service, iCU2 Lombard’s profile “stated he was interested in “perv fam fun,” a known reference to incestuous child molestation.

The owners of iCU2 also told authorities that the company received a complaint against Lombard in January 2007 from another subscriber, who complained that Lombard said he was “into incest” and had adopted two African-American children.

The CEO and co-founder of iCU2 is listed on the website as Keven Adair.

There was no mention in the reports about this case, regarding what action, if any; the owners of iCU2 took against Lombard in response to the customer complaint. What is known is that Lombard reportedly continued to use iCU2 to allegedly sexually molest his own child and to search for other adult sexual predators to molest the child.

Lombard’s child was just 3-years old in 2007, the age where most children attend preschool, take afternoon naps and watch Sesame Street. According to affidavits and court documents, Lombard’s child was allegedly used to satisfy his sexual deviancy from infancy.

Did the owners of iCU2 alert authorities when it received the complaint against Lombard in 2007?

If action was taken back in 2007 by either iCU2 or the police, to stop Lombard, two more years of alleged sickening sexual abuse of a small child may have been prevented.

As additional details emerge about this disturbing case, a clearer picture should emerge of how Lombard and his criminal behavior, which was essentially broadcast over the Internet, was able to elude the attention of the police for so long.

The adult video chat service, iCU2 markets itself as an adult, discreet videochat, live audio and group chat worldwide.

A current poll on its website ask its subscribers to vote on the question: Are you For or Against Nudity in the Profiles? The three available answers to its poll are: 1. Against - Don’t flash til you’re given a green light, 2. For - Fair game, it’s part of the freedom of iCU2, or 3. Undecided - Depends on who is naked.

A search warrant of Lombard’s home turned up two webcams, five computers and a sex toy.
There are unconfirmed reports that Lombard is gay and adopted the two children together with his partner.

Lombard is being held at a Durham County Jail without bail and is scheduled to be transferred to Washington, DC to face federal charges.

Lombard’s lawyer did not return calls seeking comment about his client.