Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How did murdering dad get custody? (Bardstown, Kentucky)

Excellent question: just how did father TIMOTHY FRAZIER take custody of this child away from the mother, only to turn around and murder the child?

Let's see the names of the authorities who set up this crime.

Custody Debate Continues In Toddler Murder Case

Weeks after a toddler was killed at the hands of his own father in a murder suicide the debate continues as to who gave permission for that child to be taken out of his mother's custody.

Police say Cole Frazier was killed by his father, Timothy Frazier, before Timothy Frazier took his own life May 26 in Nelson County. The incident happened the day before the boy's mother, Candace Dempsey, was scheduled to go to court with hopes of getting the protective order against her dropped and her son returned.

When the order was signed off by a judge, a police officer came and took Cole Frazier away from Dempsey. However, her attorneys took a closer into her claims, and they are citing the protective order Timothy Frazier filed against her. While they say he requested temporary custody of the child, they say the request was denied.

According to the document, the judge stated, "if the petitioner believes the child is in danger when with respondent, he is referred to appropriate location of Cabinet for Heath and Family Services or to law enforcement."

"There was no probable cause for a circuit judge to believe this child should be removed from its mother, yet police removed the child from his mother," said Dempsey's attorney, Ron Hillerich. "There is a separate box on this form where the judge could have ordered temporary custody be given for Mr. Frazier, but he failed to check that."

In a recorded phone call obtained by the Anderson News, an employee in the Nelson County Clerk's office confirms to the officer that the child is to be taken from his mother's custody.
The Nelson County circuit clerk told LEX 18 that it's not the duty of her office to interpret protection orders for police officers.