Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Video-game addicted father arrested for assaulting 3-month-old baby; already in custody for parole violation tied to another assault (Newport, New Hampshire)

Please, people. This isn't rocket science. A father who has a history of assault (and probation violation related to that assault) is rather likely to assault again...and again. Just as dad JERRRY CARRIER did, a video game-addicted moron who obviously has poor impulse control. These men make poor infant caretakers. Are we clear on that now?

Enraged by a video game, New Hampshire dad turned on infant son, police say

By Peter Holley February 18 at 11:48 AM 

A New Hampshire father who admitted that rage over a video game led him to shake his infant son on multiple occasions has been arrested, according to news reports.

Jerry Carrier, 26, told police that he shook his three-month-old baby on two separate occasions within a two-week period in January, according to the New Hampshire Union Leader.

“He was having trouble getting past a level of one of the games he was playing and got frustrated,” Newport police Sgt. Buddy Rowe told the newspaper.

Carrier was arrested on Monday and charged with two counts of first-degree assault, according to ABC affiliate WMUR, which noted that he is scheduled to be arraigned on Wednesday.

Police say the first assault occurred at a home in Newport, N.H., on Jan. 5, when paramedics were called for an infant “in distress,” according to the Union Leader. The child was rushed to the hospital and released but was readmitted to a different hospital the next day because the baby was “unable to keep food down,” according to the newspaper.

Two weeks later, a similar incident unfolded in Charlestown, N.H., the Union Leader reported.

“The infant was described as being limp, unresponsive, blue and eyes rolled back in its head and not breathing,” police said, according to the paper. “The mother of the child went to the residence where Carrier was with the child and brought them both to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center where it was determined that the injuries sustained were from non-accidental trauma.”

Under questioning, Carrier — who was already in custody for a separate parole violation tied to another assault – confessed to shaking his child on both occasions, according to the New York Daily News.

Police said the baby remains in state custody, but they did not have an update on the infant’s condition, according to the Union Leader.

Carrier faces up to seven years in prison if found guilty, according to the Daily News.