Monday, February 9, 2015

Dad with history of DV shoots four children with two dead, mom and new boyfriend also killed; dad apparently miffed over child support (Douglasville, Georgia)

Once again, the cops play dumb and refrain from identifying a motive. But it's really the same-old, same-old. Dad CEDRIC PRATHER had a history of domestic violence (I'm sure the one police call reported here is merely the tip of the iceberg.) This typically goes hand-in-hand with narcissistic entitlement and coercive control issues. Dad's custody/visitation rights are not spelled out here, but I wouldn't be surprised if he had legal access to these kids. He was, according to a neighbor, aggravated about child support. And yet this piece of sh** was apparently allowed to run around with a gun. Allowing somebody like this access to firearms is like holding a match over a can of gas. It was almost inevitable that there would be an explosion.

'She said "No Daddy, Please Daddy"... and then he shot her': Neighbors describe the horrifying moment a father killed his family

•Cedric Prather shot dead ex-wife Latoya Andrews, 33, police confirm
•Two of her children, London, 7 and Jeremiah, 9, were also shot dead
•Misha, 15, and her sister, 8, are still in a critical condition 
•Fourth victim was Andrews' new boyfriend Joseph Brown, 33
•Neighbors described how three of the children ran from the house
•The eldest begged Prather to stop, but they were all gunned down
•Andrews' eldest son, a teenager, was playing basketball at the time
•He did not find out what had happened until a friend was taking him home 

By Wills Robinson For and Associated Press Reporter Published: 21:02 EST, 8 February 2015 | Updated: 07:24 EST, 9 February 2015

A girl screamed 'Daddy No' while running away from her house after her father shot his ex-wife, her new boyfriend and three siblings.

Neighbors described how the teenager tried to escape Cedric Prather, 33, during a rampage in the Atlanta suburb of Douglas on Saturday that left Latoya Andrews, also 33, her boyfriend Terry Brown and two young children dead.

Siblings London, seven, and her brother Jeremiah, nine, were killed while their big sister Misha, 15, and another girl, eight, remain in critical condition at a nearby hospital.

According to the Atlanta Constitution Journal, Prather, the father of all of the children involved, had driven to the house dressed in black and paced up and down outside before barging in.

Three of the girls then ran from the house, with the eldest begging him to stop, before they were all shot.

Residents nearby said they were then left bleeding in the street before Prather turned the gun on himself.

The family's eldest son, a teenager, was playing basketball at the time of the shooting, and did not find out what happened until he was on his way home.

The victims were supposed to attend, the paper reported, but they did not make it.

A motive for the shooting has not been released, however police twice visited the pair's house in 2013 responding to a domestic abuse complaint.

Neighbor Nick Cook added: 'It was over the stupidest things. It was over child support and taxes.'

A GoFundMe page raising money for Ms Andrews' surviving children pays tribute to the family.

'Saturday Febrary 7th 2015 was a very tragic day. We had to say goodbye to three beautiful people,' writes the group administrator Jenny Brown.

Douglas County Sheriff's Lt. Glenn Daniel said authorities received a 911 call Saturday afternoon suggesting there had been a shooting in Douglasville.

Witnesses described how the suspect parked his car down the street, walked to the front of the house, crept inside and opened fire.

He told CBS 46 the shooter was the ex-husband of one of the victims, but he did not know how long the couple had been divorced.

EMTs arrived at the scene and were reportedly treating victims as they lay in the middle of the residential street.

Teresa Carter, 59, said she heard the gunfire from inside her home but did not see what happened. Police said victims were shot inside and outside the home.

Carter said she often saw the children playing in the driveway and around the neighborhood. They enjoyed petting her dog.

'I heard shots, and I heard the girl scream,' Carter said. 'And then I heard four more shots.'

Brandon Hallman was working on a car a few houses down when the shooting started.

'I heard a couple quick shots, you know, back to back to back. Went out there and, you know, looked and it was already over,' Hallman said. 'We just grabbed some towels and kind of went down there to try and help before the paramedics got here.'

Another neighbor, Angela Ansah, struggled to explain to her own children what happened to their slain friends a few houses down. Ansah said some of the children targeted Saturday often came over to her house to play with her own children.

'These are children I see every day, every blessed day,' Ansah said.

Chief Deputy Stan Copeland, of the Douglas County Sheriff's Office told WSBTV: 'We had multiple victims shot in the street.

'Some of those are siblings, so some (of) these (people) are related. We just don't know who is who right now.'

The shooter's sister was said to have been escorted away by police. Earlier she had said: 'My brother should never have a gun.' .