Friday, February 13, 2015

Custodial dad who sexually abused daughter for four years could be out of prison in six years; girl only saved because battered, protective mom "kidnapped" her (Melbourne, Australia)

Oh sure, UNNAMED DAD is useless scum. But he was allowed to commit his crimes because an abuser-friendly legal system allowed him to have access to his victims. No access=no victims.

1) Why did the protective mum have to flee the house to protect herself from his abuse? Why wasn't HE locked up for assault instead?

2) Why was the protective mum forced to intervene, to "kidnap" her own children to rescue them from Daddy's Hell? The use of the term "kidnapping" suggests he had legal custody too, not merely possession, which is bad enough. But the press doesn't want to go into that, do they?

3) Despite the judge's pretty little speeches, he is actually catering to scumbag daddy. No prior record? That must be because the system never took the assaults on Mom seriously. And it's not like he just happened to get drunk and molest the daughter once--which is still scummy. He did it over four freaking years. Oh, Daddy had a hard time growing up? Boo hoo. Deal with it.

4) And still even more protection for scumbag rapist fathers! Out in six years, plus you can change your name and go on to rape even more kids!

And you still thing poor daddies are discriminated against by "the system"??? More like they cater to them, with little taps on the wrist here and there--mostly for the show.

Evil father who used daughter as sex slave could be out of jail in six years 

Shannon Deery Herald Sun February 13, 2015 11:51AM

AN evil dad who used his only daughter as a personal sex slave could walk free on parole in less than six years.

The depraved paedophile in his early 40s was today jailed for 10 years, and could be out earlier because of time already served.

And with strict laws protecting his identity, the man could then go on to father more children and do it all again.

The man’s crimes are so disturbing, and so sick, that since his arrest in 2012 he has had virtually no contact with anyone.

Behind bars he is kept in almost 24-hour isolation, and has very little contact with the outside world.

Shortly after his wife left him just over 10 years ago the single father of three started abusing his daughter, who was aged under 10.

The repeated sexual assault, which wasn’t confined to the family home in Melbourne, lasted more than four years.

The daughter feared her father who subjected her to depraved and sickening sex acts.

When the young girl objected she was told simply: “Deal with it. There’s nothing you can do.”

The man also targetted his young son on one occasion and made him try to have sex with him.

The attacks only stopped after the children’s mum, who had moved interstate because of mental and physical abuse at the hands of her torturous ex-husband, found out about them.

She swiftly returned to Victoria and virtually kidnapped the young girl.

County Court judge Richard Smith today told the man his offending was simply “appalling”.

“(It) constituted a gross breach of trust from a parent to a child,” he said. “Your children ought to have been able to feel safe and protected. “You manipulated your position of trust”.

Judge Smith said while the offending was a serious example of abuse there were mitigating factors he considered in sentencing.

They included a plea of guilty, no prior criminal record and the fact the man endured a troubled and abusive upbringing.

The man pleaded guilty to charges of persistent sexual abuse of a child and committing a decent act in the presence of a child.

The offences carry maximum terms of imprisonment of 25 years and 10 years respectively.

Judge Smith imposed a term of imprisonment of 10 years, with a seven year non parole period.