Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Custodial dad with history of domestic assault charged in abuse death of 3-year-old daughter (La Crosse County, Wisconsin)

So basically Daddy and his girlfriend tortured his 3-year-old daughter to death.

That's sickening enough. But what is left unsaid and unexplained is just as horrifying. Who made the decision to take this little girl away from her mother and give custody to a father with a previous CONVICTION for domestic assault? Let's start seeing names. Because the people who delivered this poor little girl to this vicious freak are just as responsible.

Dad is identified as DYLAN BARTSH.

Holmen father, girlfriend charged in toddler’s death

19 hours ago • By Anne Jungen

A Holmen father and his girlfriend beat a malnourished 3-year-old girl, subjected her to 10-hour timeouts and may have forced to eat salt before her Oct. 31 death, according to court records.

Prosecutors Tuesday charged Dylan Bartsh, 30, and Jaymie Rundle, 24, with child neglect resulting in death and physical abuse of a child, both as party to the crime, in La Crosse County Circuit Court.

The toddler died at a hospital after a seizure three days earlier, when doctors discovered she was emaciated with bruises, scratches and scarring on her face and body, according to the complaint.

A medical examiner ruled her death a homicide and during autopsy discovered contusions to her head, a black eye, fingernail and bite marks, injuries inflicted by an object similar to a wire hanger and chronic malnutrition and dehydration.

The autopsy also found elevated levels of table salt contributed to her death. The medical examiner could not rule out that she was forced to eat salt after finding injuries to her mouth, cheeks and jaw, the complaint states.

Bartsh and Rundle, who together have other four children, took custody of his daughter in May 2013 from her biological mother.

Bartsh told investigators that his daughter’s life was a “challenge” and that she stopped eating two weeks before her death, according to the complaint. He blamed her sodium levels on PediaSure and Ensure consumption.

The other children reported the couple forced the toddler into timeouts in the shower and spanked the child with a fly swatter, the complaint states.

Bartsh’s mother, who wasn’t allowed to visit her grandchild, told police the victim was put on timeout for 10 hours. The grandmother photographed the child’s injuries.

Bartsh, who lives now in Altura, Minn., is in the Winona County Jail awaiting extradition to Wisconsin. Rundle is housed in the La Crosse County Jail and expected to make her first court appearance Wednesday.

Bartsh was convicted of domestic assault in Winona County District Court in 2008 and 2012, according to court records. The 2008 conviction stemmed from an incident where he was accused of brandishing a steak knife and threatening and hitting a woman in the presence of a small child.