Monday, February 16, 2015

Custodial dad gets 17 years for sexually abusing daughter over seven years (Queensland, Australia)

This is the second conviction I have seen this month of an Australian custodial father being convicted of sexual abuse. See this other account which at first I thought was the same dad, but is apparently not.

Now we see that apart from all the late-to-the-table moral outrage expressed by Judge Conlon, UNNAMED DAD was coddled by the psychiatric establishment and the courts in cahoots with them. There was only some modicum of justice in this case after years of pushing.

SHAME on Dr. Olav Niellsen and all the other pedophile and child rapist enablers. They should rot in jail too.

Sick sex monster father to rot in jail for at least 17 years 
 Janet Fife-Yeomans The Daily Telegraph February 17, 2015 12:00AM

“When fathers like the offender are exposed for their horrific crimes, the community expects the courts will impose severe punishment,” Judge Conlon said.

A TRUCK driver will spend at least 17 years in jail for the sexual abuse of his daughter in one of the longest sentences handed down to a paedophile father in Australia.

In sentencing the 49-year-old man, who cannot be named to protect the identity of his daughter, Judge Paul Conlon said it was what the community expected.

The man was jailed for at least 13 years in Campbelltown District Court yesterday after being extradited from Queensland, where he has spent four years behind bars for incest.

“In this country, for the overwhelming majority of fathers, the love they have for their daughters is such that they would give their own lives to protect and keep them safe from harm,” Judge Conlon said.

“When fathers like the offender are exposed for their horrific crimes, the community expects the courts will impose severe punishment.”

The man, who had custody of his daughter and her brothers after he split up with their mother, had groomed his daughter from the age of 12, sexually assaulting her at least every two weeks including “brutal and humiliating” vaginal and anal sex, the judge said. The children lived with their father and his new wife in NSW and moved to Queensland after the girl completed Year 12, where the abuse continued.

Judge Conlon, who has a ­reputation for handing down tough sentences to child sex offenders, said the truck driver had exploited her youth “in the worst possible way”.

“He has groomed his own daughter, turning her into his sexual play thing,” the judge said.

He was critical of psychiatrist Dr Olav Nielssen who told the court the repeated sexual abuse over seven years had been “opportunistic”.

Judge Conlon said the psychiatrist had seemed to treat “without any critical evaluation” the man’s comments that he had trouble “showing his feelings” to his daughter and had not known how to express himself.

“In my view, it is inappropriate to use the word ‘opportunistic’ when dealing with persistent sexual abuse of a child over a period of seven years. I am unable to have much confidence in this future risk assessment,” Judge Conlon said.

His daughter, now 28, went to Queensland police in 2007. The ­father was sentenced in Queensland to a maximum of four years with a non-parole term of just one year four months after telling the psychiatrist that “he and his daughter had a very close and open relationship and that he really loved her”.

He had pleaded guilty to three counts of raping his daughter.

He served four years after parole was refused because he had initially refused to complete a sex offenders course. He was extradited to NSW in November 2013. He has been in jail awaiting sentence on another 12 counts to which he pleaded guilty.

Judge Conlon said it was difficult not to feel revulsion. “Even allowing for the frequency with which I have to confront this type of offending conduct, it is never an easy task.”