Monday, March 15, 2010

Dad throws 1-month-old baby down trash chute (Memphis, Tennessee)

Police are searching for UNNAMED DAD, who is accused of throwing his 1-month-old infant down a trash chute. A big thank you to reporter Allison Sossman for not including the near mandatory clueless neighbor quote on what a "nice guy" the abuser/killer/molester was. That was a real relief for once.

Father Throws Baby Down Trash Chute
Reported by: Allison Sossaman
Last Update: 3/14 10:30 pm

Father Throws Baby Down Garbage Chute in South Memphis

MEMPHIS, TN - A one-month-old baby thrown down a trash chute. Memphis police are searching for the father they say did it.

The baby was taken to Le Bonheur in non-critical condition. People who live in the area can't believe anyone, especially a father, could do this.

"For something like that to happen, it's just ridiculous,” said Monesia Woodson, who lives nearby. “It doesn't make any sense whatsoever. You don't do people that way."

Jasmine Rideout also lives near the Pinnacle Apartments on South Bellevue. That's where police say a father threw his one-month-old down a trash chute just before noon Sunday.

"That's sad,” said Rideout. “That one month baby couldn't say nothing but goo goo ga ga. For me to hear about something like that going on, it makes me real sad, because I'm like, there's people like me out here that don't have kids that really want kids, and you do something like that to a baby. A baby that can't do nothing to you, that can barely identify you."

The mother called police and told them what happened. When cops got there, the father was gone.

Neighbor Monesia Woodson has a son. She can't imagine a parent treating their baby like that.

"All I can say is wow. That's really shocking,” said Woodson. “I just hope and pray the baby makes it through. That's all I can say. I'll keep that baby in my prayers."

Police aren't saying on which floor this happened, but some say it may have been the 12th.

“Whoever he is, he can't hide from God,” said Woodson. “So I just hope God has mercy on his soul. He does need to go jail, because if you don't want a child, you should've never made him.”

“I hope y'all find him,” said Rideout. “And I hope he gets what he deserves.”

Memphis Police says it has officers in the area looking for the father. There are also helicopters on the lookout. Police have not released the fathers identity.