Friday, March 4, 2016

Custodial dad who beat 8-year-old son so badly the boy is now disabled ALSO beat the mother so bad she was driven out of the home (Nigeria)

Gosh, don't you just love the passive tense? Mom "was forced to flee his home due to domestic violence." Let's rewrite this with active tense verbs, shall we? How about this: her sh**head husband beat her so badly she was forced to flee the home to save her life. And then a corrupt legal system refused to arrest the man who assaulted her, so he retained control and custody over the children.

So what happens when you grant a violent father who beat their mother custody of her children? TA DA! He beats the children too! So now this boy is apparently permanently disabled and in a wheelchair. Who would have thunk it?

Now the sh**head is getting treatment for his high blood pressure (poor dear!) while the mother got nothing. Sickening.

Dad is identified as ALEX OKAFOR.

Father who brutalised 8-yr-old son in Abuja arrested; says he did it for love

The man who brutalised his son in Abuja said he did that because of his deep love for the boy.

Published: 10.54
Isaac Dachen

The man who brutalised his 8-year-old son, Chukwuma Okafor, using a pestle to break his leg and hand in the process in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, has been arrested after a lot of outrage and media coverage of the dastardly act.

The man who has been identified as Alex Okafor, a 45-year-old resident of Gbazango village in Kubwa, a satellite town in the FCT, however, told the police that it was his love for his son that made him beat him up that much that he was left in a wheelchair in the Kubwa General Hospital.

Okafor added that he chose to discipline his son that way out of his deep love for him because he stole meat out of four packs of food and also refused to do his home work.

A police source narrated that Okafor alleged that he had bought food for his four children but Chukwuma decided to steal all the meat in the food packs meant for his siblings.

“The suspect added that when he asked the boy, he denied and he (father) had to go back to the restaurant to accuse them of giving him food without meat,” the source said.

It was also gathered that Okafor is a single father as his wife, the mother of the children, was forced to flee his home due to domestic violence.

The Kubwa Divisional Police Officer (DPO), Chief Superintendent Nuruddeen Sabo, confirmed the arrest of the suspect, saying he is presently under police custody at the Kubwa General Hospital where he is receiving treatment having complained of high blood pressure.