Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Dad with history of DV and unspecified "custody order" arrested for beating 2-year-old daughter; girl in critical condition (Bakersfield, California)

Once again, you grant a father with a history of domestic violence access/custody rights to a toddler--and the predictable happens. When will authorities stop giving violent men custody of kids? You have to be a moron not to know what will happen next.

Dad is identified as IZAAC SANCHEZ.


Toddler in critical condition, father accused of child abuse


Published 02/08 2016 05:52PM Updated 02/08 2016 05:52PM


Security footage shows the chaotic scene as a two-year-old girl is rushed to the hospital after she was found not breathing Sunday night at an Oildale home. Her father is behind bars, suspected of abusing the toddler.

Izaac Sanchez, 27, is accused of child abuse resulting in comatose. Deputies say his daughter has suspicious injuries. She is now fighting for her life. Sheriff's officials say the girl is hospitalized in critical condition.

Neighbors say security footage shows the toddler's mother pulling up to the house with a group of women. Three minutes after they walk in the door, the family is panicking.

Neighbors heard the commotion and ran over to help. Saydee Degner says she performed CPR, but the girl did not respond.

First responders arrived shortly after. They worked on the toddler for more than ten minutes before taking her to the ambulance.

"She had a large bruise, almost black bruise on her chin. It was very large" Degner said, "The father said she had slipped in the bathtub."

Sheriff's officials say the other children in the home were taken into protective custody.

According to court records, Sanchez has a custody order involving six children with Anastasia Jordan .

In 2009, Sanchez pleaded guilty to spousal abuse and false imprisonment.

Sanchez denied our request for a jailhouse interview.

He's being held on $1,020,000 bail. Sanchez is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday.