Saturday, July 18, 2015

Dad kils 10- and 12-year-old sons in murder-suicide; did he have full custody? (Baltimore, Maryland)

This a near classic account of a sociopathic (and probably custodial) father--but disguised with the usual bullsh**.

The telltale signs:

1) Mother erasure. Mom isn't mentioned until the very last line of the article. Her point of view isn't highlighted at all. Only the enabler girlfriend offers her (distorted and self-serving) view of the crime.

2) Custodial situation made murky. It seems likely that dad JULIAN ROARY had full custody, but it's not explained. At minimum, he obviously had joint custody.

3) How father got his "rights" made murky. No explanation as to how the sociopathic father got his custodial rights (whatever they were) and who in the system granted them.

4) Lots of excuses for the murderer of two children. He was "depressed." He had trouble finding a job, yada yada. You know what? I know lots of people over 50 in similar situations. And they don't slaughter the kids. Depressed people will kill themselves, yes. But it takes a sociopath to take out innocent kids, kids who have their whole lives ahead of them. It takes a personality that sees women and children as nothing but extensions of the father, as objects owned by him to be disposed of at will.

5) Dad good at "public performance." Killer dads seem to be remarkably good at putting on a good public show of being the model father. Playing with the kids, coaching ball teams. It has everything to do with misleading people and nothing to do with how they really are.

6) Mother shut-out. If Daddy's financial situation was so dire, why didn't he give the mother custody? A likely explanation is that it didn't suit his need for abuse and control. Punish the mother by taking her children away from her forever, rob the kids of the lives that were ahead of them.

Now on the Maryland Killer Dads and Custody list.

Father, 47, shot dead sons aged 10 and 12 and then turned gun on himself because 'he could not provide for his family after losing his job'
Julian Roary and his two sons, Julian Roary Jr., 12 and Ian Roary, 10, died
Roary shot the boys in an upstairs bedroom on Yvonne Ave. in Perry Hall
Police said Roary had been having difficulty getting a job for some time Roary's girlfriend had called police after hearing a gunshot, 'outside'
She later found Roary and his two boys dead upstairs in the house

By Belinda Robinson For
Published: 10:25 EST, 17 July 2015 | Updated: 16:13 EST, 17 July 2015

A father shot his two sons aged just 10 and 12 before taking his own life in an upstairs room at the family's Baltimore home because he'd recently lost his job.

Julian Roary, 47 and his two sons, Julian Roary Jr., 12 and Ian Roary, 10, were found in an upstairs bedroom in the 8900 block of Yvonne Ave. in Perry Hall shortly after midnight.

Roary had recently lost his job and was struggling to find a new one, according to Baltimore County police spokesman Officer Shawn Vinson.

Vinson told The Baltimore Sun that Roary's girlfriend Shantal Brown-Winn, had called police after hearing a gunshot, which sounded like fireworks and which she thought occurred 'outside.'

However, when she realized that the shooting had not happened outside, she went back into the house and found Roary and his two boys dead in an upstairs room.

Police said all three suffered gunshot wounds to the head and upper body WBAL TV reports.

Roary and the older son were pronounced dead at the scene, but the younger son was taken to the Johns Hopkins Children's Center, where he was later pronounced dead.

According to The Baltimore Sun, Roary left a suicide note detailing his intentions.

Brown-Winn, Roary's longtime girlfriend of nine years described the boys as 'the best kids in the world.'

They both went to Pine Grove Elementary and Julian was about to start middle school in the fall and Ian would have started the fifth grade.

She told how they had gone to summer camp and Julian, was mildly autistic but was 'smart.'

She said Roary adored his children and coached their football practices.

But she said their father was devastated by his recent job loss and had been struggling to find full time work in human resources since 2009 when he was laid off at another temporary job.

He fell into a deep depression as he struggled to provide for his family and did not want to be a burden on anyone.

She said: 'This was a good man who just thought he couldn't do it anymore because of the economy, the unfairness.

'They say there are jobs out there but it's hard but we had each other's back.'

Roary put in countless resumes over the internet and was literally spending his whole day applying for jobs.

He had a doctorate in organizational development but could not make any headway, something he blamed on his age, as he was an older candidate.

Roary had worked as acting human resources manager of the Baltimore Parking Authority until last week.

He had worked for the Parking Authority for 11 months and was placed there through a temporary employment agency.

He became distressed after he lost this temporary position.

Tiffany James, spokeswoman for Baltimore Parking Authority said: 'We're deeply saddened to hear about him and what happened,' she said.

'We're just really shocked that this occurred.'

The boys biological mother has been informed of their deaths.