Monday, June 18, 2012

Dad who took 2-week-old baby told ex-wife he wouldn't return her (Missoula, Montana)

Notice that this couple was already divorced with a 2-week-old (newborn) baby. This suggests two likely scenarios: either he dumped her while she was pregnant (i.e. he's a scumbag) or she left him while she was pregnant. The vast majority of pregnant women want nothing more than stable nest, so not many leave their partners at this time unless under real duress.

The fact that he would "allegedly" force his way into the mother's house, shove her out of the way, and take the baby, especially an infant this young, AND tell her he wasn't going to return said infant, suggests a vengeful, abusive sicko. Yet another reason why single mothers need full custody from conception. It's ridiculous that they have to file for custody for the babies they just gave birth to--just to prevent control freak jerks from exploiting the baby to hurt them.

Dad is identified as VINCENT SEGUVIO.

Father who allegedly took baby told ex-wife he won't return child

Posted: Jun 18, 2012 5:23 PM by Irina Cates - KPAX News
Updated: Jun 18, 2012 5:38 PM

MISSOULA - In court Monday afternoon, prosecutors said the father who took the two-week old baby from his ex-wife told her he wasn't going to bring the little girl back.

Prosecutors said Vincent Seguvio, 23, texted his ex-wife that he wouldn't return the baby, and told her that involving law enforcement was a mistake.

Seguvio is charged with burglary and parenting interference, while his mother, Nancy Butcher, is facing an accountability for parenting interference charge.

Last Wednesday, Seguvio allegedly forced his way into his ex-wife's home on Sherwood Street, pushed her out of the way and took the child.

Seguvio's mother waited outside in the car for Seguvio to come out and the two of them drove away with the baby.

The mother told police she and Seguvio didn't have a parenting plan, but she filed for full custody after the baby was born.

Seguvio and his mother were picked up in Kalispell as they were going in to file for custody of the child.

The judge set bail for Segovia and Butcher at $100,000 each.