Monday, June 4, 2012

Dad charged with assaulting 2-year-old son during court-ordered visitation (Billings, Montana)

This case has "court whore" written all over it. Some dingbat "parenting coordinator" who no doubtely insisted that some trigger-happy sperm donor be kept "involved" in the child's life because, well, because. Because the father's rights people have insisted that this be so, regardless of the who or what the father is as a human being.


This is why we need to get the court idiots out of the lives of parents, and stop insisting on shared custody as some sort of magic panacea. Sole custody with Mom can work out just fine.

Billings man charged with felony for spanking, injuring 2-year-old son

June 02, 2012 10:45 am • Billings Gazette

BILLINGS - A Billings man has been charged with felony assault on a minor for spanking his 2-year-old son and causing what prosecutors called serious injury.

Troy Robin Anthony Villa, 25, appeared Thursday in Justice Court by video from the county jail. Judge Pro Tem Brandon Hartford set bond at $15,000 after a prosecutor said the man is accused of "inflicting serious injury" to the child.

According to court records, the boy's mother reported to Billings police last Oct. 15 that she found significant bruising on her son's buttocks after picking up the child from his father's house. The boy said his father hit him, but Villa allegedly told the woman their son had fallen off a horse during his five-day visit.

The woman said she and Villa have a parenting plan, and she should have been asked to allow her son to participate in horseback riding.

A doctor who examined the boy at Billings Clinic told police the bruise appeared to be from a strike with a hand and not from a fall from a horse. The injury also appeared to be "consistent with a pinch" and "characteristic of a hand print," court records said the doctor reported.

Villa is scheduled to be arraigned in District Court on June 8.