Monday, June 18, 2012

Dad gets $1500 fine after stuffing baby wipe down infant's throat (Cleveland, Ohio)

Dad JOSHUA RAINS gets the usual: parenting classes, fine, yadda yadda despite nearly killing the baby who was on life support for a time.

Father gets $1500 fine after stuffing baby wipe down infant’s throat

June 18th, 2012 by Jessica King

A Cleveland father accused of shoving a diaper wipe down his baby’s throat was able to escape jail time and any harsh penalties after he agreed to take parenting classes, perform community service for 3 years and pay a $1500 fine. Rains was sentenced by Judge Nancy Margaret Russo on charges of felony child endangerment.

Joshua Rains, 25, was arrested last November 2011 after he took his infant son to the ER because the baby was having difficulty breathing. Doctors found a diaper wipe shoved down the baby’s throat. The infant was placed on life-support to aid his breathing.

Initially Rains said that the wipe accidentally got lodged in the baby’s throat, while he was cleaning out the infant’s mouth. He said he tried to get it out, but wound up pushing it down even further. According to News Net 5, Rains later admitted to purposefully shoving the diaper wipe down the baby’s throat.

Rains wife testified on his behalf, claiming that her husband was a “good father”. The baby and the couples other children are still in the custody of Child Protective Services.