Friday, March 5, 2010

Homeless custodial dad retains custody (Orlando, Florida)

UPDATE: Note that this homeless dad has "sole custody." Why? You tell me.

Let's get one thing straight right off the bat. I DO NOT favor abducting children by force. It almost always leads to disaster, and seldom takes the best interest of the child into account.

But this is a very curious case. Despite all the confusing rhetoric to the contrary, this custodial UNNAMED DAD is HOMELESS. By any federal definition of the word. Drifting from "place to place" may not be living on the streets, but it is still homeless.

So how the heck did this father get custody to start with? Why are the Florida authorities letting him retain custody? They say the child has been "safely reunited" with Dad. Really? So he can continue drifting from one place to another? The child obviously has no room of his own. No place for friends to visit. No stability. Is this child even in school?

Interesting how low the bar is set for an apparently custodial dad in the State of Florida. If the child isn't (obviously) malnourished and is (apparently) is in "good spirits," then all is well.

Mom, who is out of state, figures that having two male friends of hers just "take the boy" apparently made more sense than trying to go to court in Florida. That's a very frightening idea, but based on what many, many Florida mothers tell me, this is the "new normal." As a protective mother, you will get little to no traction by going through the Florida court system.

And if mothers are really so"favored" by the courts, then why did this desperate mother resort to this sort of tactic? Maybe because it's becoming increasingly evident that the pendulum, in reality, has swung the other way. Note than Mom may be facing charges. Because she was upset that her 8-year-old son was living on the streets. This is what we have come to, folks.

Police: Mom Had Friends Take Boy From Father
Posted: 7:43 am EST March 5,2010
Updated: 10:51 am EST March 5,2010

ORLANDO, Fla. -- An 8-year-old boy was safely reunited with his father Friday morning and two men are facing felony charges after, Orlando police said, they took the boy away from his father without permission.

Investigators said the child's mother, who lives in Seattle, Washington, heard that her son and estranged husband were living on the streets in poor conditions. They said that is when she called two friends who live in Orlando and convinced them to go get her son.

Police told Eyewitness News the father and his son were staying at a Motel 6 on International Drive in Orlando where the two men intimidated the father into turning over the boy.

Police arrested 21-year-old Christopher Stokes and 23-year-old Richard Douglas (read affidavits). Both were charged with the felony of interfering with child custody.

Eyewitness News asked a police spokesperson if the boy was being neglected or living on the street as the child's mother claimed.

"No, not at all," said Lt. Randy Groetch, Orlando Police Department. "They might not be living in their own home. From what I understand they were living with friends and relatives, maybe going from place to place. They always had a roof over their heads. The child seemed to be in somewhat good spirits for what actually happened and we don't see any physical malnutrition or anything. He seems to be fine."

Meanwhile, police continued to speak with the boy's mother in Seattle. They said it is likely she could also face charges in the case. Her name has not been released.