Friday, March 19, 2010

Dad has "fit of frustration," and breaks leg of 2-month-old son (Somerset, Texas)

Dad ALBERTO ISIDRO ALVEREZ apparently had a "fit of frustration" while changing the diaper of his 2-month-old son, and managed to crack the baby's leg. Poor Daddy says the baby was "fussy" and "kinda has a temper." Really? The BABY is the one with the temper? Ah, the infinite capacity of abusers of all stripes to project their attitude problems on to everybody else, even newborns.

Contrary to what you might think, this injury is surprisingly common among fathers doing infant care. Some father just have a lot of upper body strength, and don't know how to tamp it down when they're "frustrated." Check out the Diapers/potty-training tab for cases involving similar injuries.

Somerset father accused of breaking infant's leg

by Marvin Hurst / KENS 5

Posted on March 19, 2010 at 8:51 AM

A 43-year-old father from Somerset is accused of cracking his son's leg in an alleged fit of frustration.

An arrest warrant said Alberto Isidro Alvarez tearfully confessed to the crime this week. He was arrested Thursday and charged with injury to a child. Alvarez is in the Bexar County Detention Center on a $15,000 bond.

According to the warrant, Child Protective Services notified the Somerset Police Department about the allegations March 15. CPS reportedly told investigators about a two-month-old boy who was at Methodist Children's Hospital with a right femur fracture. Police said the baby's father had been with him during the time of the injury.

The arrest document said on the afternoon of March 13, Alvarez had the child on a changing table. He reportedly said the baby was fussy and moving around and "kinda has a temper." Police said the victim's father claims he pushed the infant's leg to hold him still on the changing table.

However, investigators allege Alvarez admitted he became frustrated because he is a new parent who had worked all night.

"It's possible I could of," the warrant claims the Somerset father tearfully said. "I don't remember twisting his leg."

According to warrant, Alvarez then confessed "I did it." Investigators said they used a baby doll to demonstrate the pressure the father allegedly applied on the baby. They said Alvarez was silent with his head held down.

"Didn't mean it," the warrant claims he responded when asked if he'd do it again. "I won't."

Doctors said the victim had a spiral femur fracture consistent with child abuse, police said. It reportedly could have been caused by the child having his leg pushed down into a couch cushion.

The baby's parents did not take him to the hospital until the following day, investigators said. The warrant said the boy's leg has been put in a cast for four weeks.

CPS reportedly told police the child's father can not have any contact with him until further notice.