Monday, March 1, 2010

Dad claims "suicide pact" in his stabbing of 17-year-old "raped" daughter (Aberaeron, Wales)

How stupid or gullible does dad GARY FISHER think the public is?

He would have us believe that he stabbed his 17-year-old daughter to death under a "suicide pact" formed after the daughter became depressed after being raped. She was suffering, you see, and Daddy just wanted to help her.

Um yea. If you believe that, contact me regarding some investment "opportunities."

More interesting facts (if you read further):

1) The daughter had never filed a rape report with the police, and no one else seems to recall a report of a rape either.

2) Mom and dad were separated.

3) Dad (in what is a typical abuser/control freak fashion) calls the daughter a "slag" ("slut" for American readers) because she wants to spend time with her boyfriend, not Dad. Very intimidating thing for abusers, letting their teen daughters grow up and live their own lives. In fact, Dad's reaction is just about classic. Abusers are always slut-baiting their former partners, and as time goes by, the daughters tend to get slut-baited too. Can't have any sign of female independence, especially female sexual independence, you know.

It was on a visit shortly after that "dispute" that Dad stabbed her to death in a dark area of a parking lot.

In other words, this is not a "pact" murder-suicide, or even a failed "pact"--not in any way, shape, or form.

However, it is typical of father-committed murders that take place during child visitation (or access). Any sign that the former partner or children are exerting independence from the father's obsessive control must be put down and "punished" with violence.

'Suicide pact father killed raped daughter, 17, in car to end her suffering'

By Luke Salkeld
Last updated at 3:56 PM on 01st March 2010

'Pact': Sasha Jones, 17, was stabbed to death and her body was found in the footwell of a car near Aberaeron, Wales

A father claims he stabbed his teenage daughter to death and left her dead body in the passenger seat of his car because she wanted to die after being raped.

Gary Fisher says he entered into a 'suicide pact' with 17-year-old Sasha Jones after she was sexually assaulted.

The 47-year-old killed his daughter by stabbing her repeatedly with a hunting knife and then called members of her family to confess what he had done, a court heard.

He then led police on a country car chase with Sasha's dead body in the passenger seat which ended when officers lay a 'stinger' device across a road, causing Fisher to crash.

Today prosecutors dismissed Fisher's claim that his daughter had wanted to die after suffering a sex attack, and that he acted to 'end her suffering'.

Prosecutor Chris Clee QC said Fisher had confessed to hospital staff that he had killed his daughter with the hunting knife.

He said: '[Fisher] said his daughter told him she wanted to die. He said he planned it for the last two and a half months.

'He said "I felt she was suffering and I wanted to help her to die".'

The court heard Fisher later claimed to police that his daughter had been raped - and she 'couldn't live with the thought of that'.

But Mr Clee told Swansea Crown Court: 'Sasha made no such complaint to police.'

The court heard the teenager had twice been admitted to hospital in the past after taking overdoses - but medical staff did not believe they were genuine suicide attempts.

The court heard Fisher was separated from Sasha's mother Jane Jones, who lived with her three children in Cardigan, West Wales.

Fisher, who lived in Solihull, West Midlands, had last summer argued with Sasha and called her a 'slag' after she wanted to be with her boyfriend instead of him.

It was during a visit to see his daughter in August that they drove around the local area before stopping in a pub car park where the killing took place, the court heard.

Mr Clee continued: '[Fisher] stopped the car behind the Angel Hotel in a shady area so nobody could see him.'

The court heard Fisher later told police: 'I got out of the car, took the knife, went to the passenger door and opened it.

'She was shocked to see the knife and tried to get away. But she couldn't because of the seat belt.'

Mr Clee said: 'He said he stabbed her many times and she was struggling. During the struggle, he missed her once and ended up stabbing himself in the arm.

'He said he covered her with a sleeping bag and reclined the seats.'

The court heard Fisher drove around with her bloodied body in the car but then rang his sister Susan Mabbatt to confess to killing Sasha.

But the telephone was answered by his niece Zoe Mabbatt, 16, whom he told: 'I'm really sorry but I've done something wrong.'

The court heard Zoe asked what had happened and Fisher replied: 'I don't think you want to know.'

He then rang back to tell her: 'I'm sorry but I've just killed your eldest cousin. She is lying in the car freezing.'

Police were alerted by the family and his silver Ford Fiesta was spotted near the seaside village of Aberaeron.

He refused to stop and police pursued his car. A stinger device was put in the roadway and Fisher crashed into a camper van moments later.

Mr Clee said Fisher claimed it was a 'suicide pact' between the father and daughter.

He said: 'But this wasn't in any way, shape or form a suicide pact. It is simply an attempt by him to avoid his responsibility for what he did.'

Fisher denies murder. The trial continues.

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