Monday, March 1, 2010

Dad on trial for raping daughter during child visitation; girl smeared as "practiced and habitual liar" (Bundaberg, Australia)

There's a lot that's not explained here. Why was the daughter previously in foster care? Why is there little mention of her mother? This doesn't appear to be a case where the mother can be blamed for "coaching" or "alienating" because, in fact, the girl disclosed the sexual abuse to a previous (male) foster care provider. Not the mother. But I'm sure the Australian fathers rights blokes will still find a way to blame it all on Mummy anyway. They always do.

Instead of trying to blame the child (or the Mum, or the foster care provider) for lying, I have a better idea. Stop giving visitation or custody rights to molesters and rapists. I can guarantee you, their rate of lying is about 100%.

Dad accused of child rape
Lea Emery 2nd March 2010

A BUNDABERG father faced trial at Bundaberg District Court yesterday accused of raping his daughter, who was 10 at the time of the alleged assaults.

The man is charged with maintaining a sexual relationship with a child and three counts of rape.

The rapes were alleged to have occurred in September and October 2006.

In his opening statement prosecuter Alex Stark told the court evidence would be given that the man told his daughter, now 13, to sleep naked in his bed where he would have sex with her.

The court was told the girl spent every second weekend with her father and the remaining time she lived with her mother.

Mr Stark said it was alleged in the first incident the girl was playing games on the computer and when she entered the lounge room to watch TV, her father bent her over the couch and took off her pants before having sex with her.

Mr Stark told the court it was alleged the second incident occurred when the girl was watching her father make eggs, and he made her sit on the table before he raped her.

It was alleged the third incident occurred when the girl was told to go sleep naked in her father’s bed.

Mr Stark said a couple of days after the third incident the girl ran away from home to a person who had been her foster carer six months previously and told him what had happened.

Mr Stark also told the court the girl had said her father had been forcing her to sleep naked in his bed since she was five-years-old.

In an opening statement barrister for the accused John Pappas said the case boiled down to an assessment of the witnesses.

Mr Pappas urged the court to carefully weigh up the evidence given by the girl in pre-recorded interviews because, despite her young age, she was a “practiced and habitual” liar.

Mr Pappas said the court would hear in the evidence the girl refer to a man as her boyfriend.

The trial continues.