Friday, December 11, 2009

Dad convicted of murdering mom, their two kids, infant (Jackson County, Florida)

Dad WESLEY WILLIAMS has been sentenced to four life terms for the murder of his ex-girlfriend--the mother of their two sons, AND the two sons and an infant from a subsequent relationship.

Judge to Williams, “God bless your soul but I’ll never understand why you did this.”
12/11/09 - 10:10 AM

WMBB News Department
Jackson County, Fla:

Wesley Williams was sentenced to four consecutive life terms for four counts of first degree murder in Jackson County Court Friday. He also faces three consecutive sentences of 30 years for aggravated child abuse.

Williams was found guilty of the March 2005 murders of his ex-girlfriend, Danielle Baker, their two sons and her infant back in October. A jury of his peers recommended the death penalty.

Circuit Judge William Wright last week determined that a sentence of death did not fit the case. In his ruling Judge Wright said that the evidence couldn’t prove that Williams alone was responsible for the crime. He further explained his decision Friday saying the evidence wouldn’t allow him to sentence Williams to death although he believes in the death penalty and believes this crime would warrant death.

The parents of Baker were there in the courtroom during the emotional sentencing. Both mother and father, although separated, agree it was good to hear the personal side of the Judge Wright but they disagree on the sentencing.

Doreen Jackson, Baker’s mother, says she would rather have Williams suffer in prison and she doesn’t believe in the death penalty. Lavon Baker said he wished that the death penalty would have been given but he understood why it was not.

Williams had little reaction when the sentence was handed down. His attorney, public defender Walter Smith, did say that Williams was nervous but he knew what was coming to him.

As Williams was exiting the courtroom, Judge Wright said to him, “God bless your soul but I’ll never understand why you did this.”

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