Monday, July 11, 2016

Dad, girlfriend suspected in death of 7-year-old daughter; is he custodial? (Atlanta, Georgia)

Dad is identified as MICHAEL WALSH. At minimum, he had out-of-state visitation. Or he may have had full custody. Notice we are not told the details about how and why this father had access to this child.

7-year-old found in lake in Georgia could have ties to Champaign

Posted: Jul 03, 2016 1:39 PM EDT Updated: Jul 05, 2016 5:23 PM EDT

ATLANTA – WANDNews has word from an NBC affiliate near Atlanta, Georgia, that a seven-year-old girl found dead in Lake Allatoona could have ties back here in Central Illinois.

Our partners at WXIA report a seven-year-old was killed this past Sunday or Monday, and police in East Point, Georgia, say they believe her father and his live-in girlfriend had a hand in her death. Authorities tell

WXIA they believe 27-year-old Michael Wash and 30-year-old Lasherae Davis drove 7-year-old Kamaire Wash to the lake and left her in the water. WXIA reports boaters found a young girl’s body, Wednesday afternoon, that they believe is the missing girl. She had been in the water for around 48 hours.

This story has connections back to Illinois, with WXIA sources saying the girl’s mother is from Champaign, Illinois. WAND News has reached out to the woman believed to be the victim’s mother and will report any further developments.

In the meantime, WXIA reports the father faces charges of aggravated assault, child cruelty and concealing the girl’s death, and his girlfriend could be charged with being a party to the assault and cruelty, along with concealing the child’s death.

East Point Police tell WXIA they are not ready to charge them yet. Both suspects claim they put the girl to bed on Wednesday night, and she was missing with the door left open when they woke up.

Details are still developing in this case, with police not yet ready to confirm where, how and why Kamaire was killed.

The earliest the public will positively know the identity of the child, as well as the cause of death, would be Tuesday, after the Fourth of July holiday.