Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Dad charged with beating 8-year-old daughter during weekend custody/visitation time (Calumet, Oklahoma)

Once again, it is highly likely Daddy had a history of violence and abuse before he separated from the mother. But of course he got his custody "rights" anyway.

Dad is identified as GREGORY BINGHAM.

Oklahoma man accused of beating his 8-year-old daughter multiple times

Posted 6:46 pm, May 17, 2016, by Sheldra Brigham, Updated at 06:19am, May 18, 2016

CALUMET, Okla. - A Calumet man is facing charges of child abuse. He's accused of beating his daughter on and off over a 45-minute period.

Gregory Bingham is facing one count of child abuse after returning his 8-year-old to her mother after a weekend visit at his home.

"What happened is she had gone to pick up her daughter and she was changing her clothes so they could go to Yukon to another event. She realized she had severe bruising around her butt, thighs and legs," said Chris West.

That's when Canadian County Undersheriff West said the mother called authorities.

"When the mother realized the girl had been severely beaten, had bruised black and blue, I'm talking several dozen stripes from a leather belt. She reportedly had received multiple beatings in a 24-hour period," West said.

The child was examined and questioned and her father, Bingham, was arrested. Deputies said he admitted the spanking was excessive.

According to investigators, Bingham stated he spanked his daughter on her backside on eight separate occasions over a 45-minute period with three 'licks' each time for a total of 24 strikes.

"Kids go through a lot of trauma when that happens, because kids are trusting to adults, especially parents," West said. It's the type of abuse officials are seeing more and more of - a line that is crossed when spanking turns to beating. "Oklahoma allows ordinary force, which includes spanking, paddling and switching. At DHS, we look at number of factors. The biggest one is the age. But, what's appropriate for a 13-year-old is not the same for a 3-year-old. So, we consider are there marks and where the bruises are located, the intent or reason for the discipline or punishment," said Katelynn Burns, DHS.

Bingham is out of jail on a $10,000 bond.