Sunday, November 29, 2015

Abusive dad "suspected" in fatal beating of 7-year-old son, feeding boy's body to pigs; was he custodial? (Piper, Kansas)

Notice the interesting little fact buried well into this story. The wife who was allegedly assaulted with a firearm is NOT the mother of the missing little boy, the son of her husband.

Sounds like dad MICHAEL A. JONES was one of these fathers who ran his household through terror and an iron fist for years. Never held accountable. Nothing new there.

But there is a lot here that is not explained. What happened to the mother of the little boy who was presumably beaten to death by father MICHAEL A. JONES and fed to the pigs? If he's been missing for months, there is no sign that mother had sounded the alarm. So I tend to think this was not a joint custody situation. Somehow she is out of the picture, but that the news report leaves that in silence.

Knowing how these guys operate, you can assume he doled out the same violence and abuse to her as he doled out to the current wife. So is she deceased? If so, do we know for a fact that it was from natural causes? Or is she alive, but was somehow stripped of custody and driven out of the picture through threats, perhaps threats backed up by a family court?

At any rate, this scumbag somehow secured access to this boy with no objections from the authorities, which is scary enough. Who allowed this to happen?

Father suspected of 'murdering seven-year-old son and feeding his remains to pigs'
Michael A. Jones of Piper, Kansas has been charged with firing a gun at his wife and child abuse
A police source reportedly fears that his missing son's remains may have been fed to pigs
Jones was charged with shooting at his wife in their Kansas City home Jones and his wife reportedly lived in deplorable conditions with eight children aged one to 11
Police got a tip that they should look for their missing son's remains on the Piper, Kansas property Cops found human remains in a barn, but they have not yet been identified

By Kiri Blakeley For
Published: 02:05 EST, 29 November 2015 | Updated: 13:51 EST, 29 November 2015

Police fear that a man may have beaten his seven-year-old son to death and fed his remains to pigs.

Michael A. Jones, 44, of Piper, outside of Kansas City, has been arrested on charges of aggravated assault with a firearm, aggravated battery and child abuse after cops responded to a domestic violence call on Wednesday, according to News2.

Jones had allegedly shot at his 29-year-old wife, Heather. As the investigation progressed, authorities got a tip to check the property for the remains of Jones' seven-year-old son, who had been missing for several months.

The next day, authorities found human remains near a barn on the rural property in Piper, where

Jones lived with his wife and eight children ranging in ages from one to 11. Jones' charges were upgraded to 'torturing or cruelly beating' his missing son. Heather Jones is not the mother of the boy, who may be dead.

The other eight children reportedly lived in deplorable conditions. They were also home schooled, according to Kansas City Star.

'Their house was horrible,' one woman who asked for anonymity told WSFA. 'Their house was just filthy. The kids lived in filth. Trash everywhere. Dried food all over the house.'

Heather Jones bought the pigs in September, around the same time authorities think the child may have been killed.

A police source reportedly told the outlet that authorities feared that the boy's remains may have been fed to the swine, according to KPTV.

Former babysitters said that several people had complained to child services about alleged ill-treatment of the children. It's unclear if anything was done.

'For all those girls to have to witness what their brother went through and to carry the burden that something happened to their brother is horrible,' said one unnamed former babysitter.

Michael Williams, the brother of Jones' wife, told the NBC affiliate KSHB about abuse he says his sister and the children allegedly had to endure over the years at the hands of Jones.

'There are bullet holes in the walls of that house. So I'm sure you can understand what terror may have been going through that household daily.'

Jones, the owner of a bail bonding business, is being held at the Wyandotte County Jail on a bond of $10million.