Sunday, May 25, 2014

Dad beats to death 11-year-old daughter for copying homework (Hangzhou, China)

The usual BS we're fed about killer dads. Dad YE HUNG TIED UP his daughter, FORCED HER KNEEL, then BEAT HER TILL SHE STOPPED BREATHING. Yet we're assured he really "loved his kids very much." I'm tired of this crap.

Father Beats Daughter for Copying Homework

May 25, 2014 06:32 AM EDT | Christl Leong

A girl in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province was beaten to death by her father for copying her classmate's homework.

Chou, the 11-year old girl, was tied up by her father, Ye Hung, forced her to kneel and proceeded to beat her.

After physically abusing his own daughter, Ye went out to calm himself. When he came back, he discovered that his daughter had stopped breathing.

Chou was immediately rushed to a local hospital. However, the doctors were not able to save her. She died 12 hours later from a heart attack.

Doctors discovered that Chou had sustained bruises on her neck and back. According to Times of India, medical reports indicate that Chou had suffered from asphyxiation for as long as 5 minutes.

A spokesman for the local authorities said that while in the hospital, Ye had been remorseful for what he had done. He prayed and begged for the gods to heal his daughter so she would get better.

The father's actions may have been brought about by his strong belief in being a good student.

"He loved kids very much but also believed they must do well at school, which means not copying anyone's homework. That kind of cheating made him mad," Park Jen said about his cousin, Ye.

Chou's case marks the most recent incident of domestic child abuse in China.

In Shanxi, a 6-year-old boy had his eyes gouged out. His aunt was suspected of committing the crime. However, it was reported that she had committed suicide a few days later.

Similarly, a 10-year-old boy in Guangdong was allegedly beaten by his stepmother. Photos of the aftermath of the savage beating had outraged Chinese citizens after they went viral on Chinese social media sites. Netizens who saw the photos immediately clamored for the implementation of stricter laws to discourage domestic child abuse.