Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Custodial dad severely beats 16-year-old daughter--and for mistaken "reason" (Boca Raton, Florida)

As usual, there is an essential part of this case that is being buried. Which is that WORKING ROC is a custodial father. The article below only makes brief mention of the father and daughter living with "relatives." The video accompanying the print article clarifies that the relatives do not include the mother of this girl. The household included an aunt and cousins--but not Mom.  

So once again, we have a brutal custodial father, no sign of mom, and no explanation as to how this violent thug gained child custody or from whom. Is Mom deceased? If so, from natural causes? Has she "disappeared"? Did she lose custody through Florida's corrupt DCF and family courts? Chances are very high that she was meted out treatment very similar to what Dad doled out here.

At Dastardly Dads, we track child murders by fathers in situations involving child custody/visitation, and Florida has been the consistent leader in such murders for years. The state has been completely taken over by the most thuggish aspects of the fathers rights movement, the guys who literally believe that women and children are their personal property to dispose of as they see fit. And crimes like this are the result.

Just as an aside, notice that the dumbass father didn't even wait to find out whether the school skipping allegations were true. Turns out the school called the home by mistake.

And if you watch the video, notice how the other young woman in the home--the cousin who is too afraid to open the door to reporters--meekly defends male violence. So sad. No doubt she has been abused as well.


Boca Raton man severely beats teen girl when school reports her absent, police say

Story by Chuck Weber / CBS 12 NEWS

BOCA RATON, Fla. - It started with an erroneous report of a 16-year old girl missing school. Outraged, the young woman's father administered a severe beating, say police.

Now the father faces criminal charges. On Thursday, 38-year-old Working Roc appeared before a judge, accused of aggravated child abuse.

It happened at a Boca Raton duplex the father and daughter shared with relatives.

The arrest report says the 16-year-old's father came in and said her school called to say she was absent.

The teen said it was a mistake.

Police say the dad then looked on his daughter's laptop and became angry she had been messaging with friends.

The arrest report says Roc began punching his daughter with closed fists, until he complained his hands hurt.

Next, the report says Roc took the power cord from the young woman's laptop, folded it, and began whipping her with it. Finally, police say Roc beat his daughter with a piece of wood.

"It was really bad," said one of the girl's cousins, who answered the door when CBS 12 visited. She did not want to be identified.

The cousin, who's also 16, said she was in a bedroom with the young woman when she was beaten.

"He beat her because he was trying to give her discipline," said the cousin. "I know it's bad for him to beat her, but still he should not have been arrested."

According to the arrest report, when officers interviewed the 16-year-old, she appeared shaken, had bruising and swelling, and walked with a limp.

The young woman is now in the custody of the Department of Children and Families. The cousin said she expected Roc to bond out of jail soon.