Thursday, May 15, 2014

Child refusing to leave with dad during eviction leads to dad being arrested for domestic violence, child abuse (Yukon, Oklahoma)

A very perceptive and fast-thinking deputy here. Too bad his actions caused the mother to lose her daughter to DHS. Hopefully the Mom will get custody back. It is ridiculous to punish the victims of domestic violence in this way.

Dad is identified as BRADLEY SCROGGINS.

Child refusing to leave home with dad leads to arrest, Canadian County deputies say

Bradley Scroggins arrested on multiple complaints

UPDATED 2:46 PM CDT May 13, 2014

YUKON, Okla. —A Yukon man was arrested Friday afternoon on complaints of domestic violence and child abuse after a deputy serving eviction papers became suspicious, according to the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office.

Bradley Scroggins, 32, voluntarily vacated a home in N.E. Canadian County when a deputy served him eviction papers about 8:30 a.m. Friday, investigators said.

The deputy then entered the home to ensure no other persons were present and located Scroggins’ spouse and a child in an upstairs bedroom, according to authorities.

The deputy said he asked the child, "Would you like to leave with Daddy," referring to Scroggins. The child repeatedly said, "No." Before the mother responded, the deputy became suspicious and went outside to catch up with Scroggins, authorities said. The deputy said he located Scroggins and placed him in the rear of his sheriff’s cruiser until investigators could arrive.

"The fact that the child was so adamant about not leaving with her father caused my deputy serious concern to the point he believed a crime had been committed. My deputy immediately caught up with Scroggins and placed him in investigative detention," said Canadian County Sheriff Randall Edwards.

Once investigators arrived on the scene, they said they took statements from both the mother and child. Investigators the two told of a long history of domestic violence and child abuse they said had been occurring in the home, deputies said. Authorities said they were told Scroggins smoked marijuana in the presence of his children on a regular basis.

Additional information was obtained indicating Scroggins had attacked his wife on March 12 authorities said. According to the wife, Scroggins allegedly struck her in the head with a barstool, knocking her to the floor. When the daughter ran to the mothers aid, Scroggins allegedly turned on his daughter, picking her up by the throat while she was crying, investigators said.

"The deputies who interviewed the victims have extensive training and experience in conducting forensic interviews of children who have fallen prey to this type of abuse. I will do everything within my power to protect these innocent lives from the monsters who would do them harm," said Edwards.

The children were placed into the protective custody of the Department of Human Services, and Scroggins was transported to the Canadian County Jail, according to deputies.

Scroggins is facing multiple charges and his bond was set at $36,000.