Friday, March 5, 2010

Dad threatens to kill mom because he "was not happy" over "access" to 14-month-old son (Weston, England, United Kingdom)

Despite all the weepy stories promulgated by fathers rights people, this story is not atypical. The guys demanding more "access" or visitation time with their kids are not always motivated by paternal affection. Many of these guys, dads like ANDREW LOCKYER, are violent, menacing, and threatening death to anyone who doesn't succumb to their demands. Note that this dad is out on bail (despite his death threats), and will then get the typical slap-on-the-wrist sentence. After all this, I wouldn't be surprised if he's rewarded with unsupervised access, and that this mother's existence will continue to be hellish.

Desperate dad threatens to stab visitors through chest
05 March 2010

A WESTON dad threatened to stab his ex-partner's friends through the chest and told the mother of his child he would be happy to kill her.

Andrew Lockyer sent menacing text messages threatening to end Abby Newlands' life and saying he wanted to 'rip someone's head off' because he was not happy with the access she was giving him to his 14 month-old son.

In the profanity-loaded messages, which also said Ms Newlands' father was 'going to get it' he told his former partner he wished she was dead and that once she had had his second baby she was going to 'get such a whack'.

Lockyer, of Hayward Avenue in West Wick, appeared before magistrates last week accused of seven charges of sending a threatening text message.

Dressed smartly in a suit, the 23-year-old energy company worker spoke only to confirm his name and date of birth and to plead guilty to all charges.

Prosecuting, Mike Duffy said: "Lockyer split up with Ms Newlands two months before sending her the abusive words.

"He has a 14-month-old son who lives with Ms Newland and he says he wanted her to know how desperate he was to have contact with his son.

"In one text he told her 'Get any a*** **** around this house and I will be happy to put a knife through their chest."

Lockyer also threatened to kill himself in the text messages, telling Ms Newland: "I actually feel like killing myself or killing you, so this will end."

Defending, David Playford said: "Mr Lockyer accepts that this was a complete overreaction and he is remorseful.

"This has taught him a lesson that it was not the way forward.

"The messages were unprovoked to say the least."

Lockyer was told to expect a high community penalty for his crimes at the hearing at North Somerset Courthouse in St Georges on February 25.

He was released on unconditional bail and will reappear on March 18 for sentencing.