Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dad pleads guilty to child abuse; burned 1-year-old's hand (Windsor, Virginia)

Dad ERIC DOUGLAS POWERS has pleaded guilty to child abuse for burning his 1-year-old son's hand.,0,785427.story

Isle of Wight father faces five years for child abuse

March 18, 2010

A Windsor man who dipped his 1-year-old son's hand into a cup of steaming coffee last fall pleaded guilty to child abuse in Isle of Wight Circuit Court on Wednesday. Eric Douglas Powers, 22, could receive up to five years in prison when he is sentenced on June 23, said Commonwealth's Attorney Wayne Farmer. Powers dunked his son's hand into hot coffee on Oct. 15 to teach the child, who had been pulling on the cup, that the drink was hot, said Farmer.

The toddler has healed from his injuries, he said.

A malicious wounding charge initially filed against Powers was dropped because the court didn't have evidence to prove that he intended to harm the child, Farmer said.