Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dad charged with breaking leg of 1-month-old son (Worcester, Massachusetts)

It is claimed here that dad WILLIAM VANBATENBURG may have mental health issues that contributed to the abuse of his 1-month-old son. That may be. However, I have also seen other fathers and male caretakers injure infants in just this way. While changing the baby's diapers, they use way too much force and end up breaking the baby's leg. Check the Diapers/potty-training tab for similar examples. I really think that some of this is related to the fact that fathers on average have a lot more upper body strength relative to the average mother, and too many fail to consider the real damage they can do to an infant unless they are exceedingly careful.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Father arraigned in injury to son


WORCESTER — A city man accused of breaking his 1-month-old son’s leg while changing his diaper last month was arraigned yesterday in Central District Court on a charge of assault and battery on a child causing substantial injury.

William Vanbatenburg, 25, of 40 Boyd St., was ordered to have an evaluation at Worcester State Hospital to determine his competency to stand trial. Alan Schonberger, the court-designated forensic psychologist, said that Mr. Vanbatenburg suffers from depression and borderline personality disorder.

Mr. Vanbatenburg will be evaluated for 20 days. Bail on the assault case was set at $1,000 and the case was continued to March 19. Mr. Vanbatenburg was ordered to not have unsupervised contact with children.

According to court records, the baby was taken to a city hospital Feb. 5 with injuries. Mr. Vanbatenburg told an investigator he was changing the child and “held the child’s legs up and squeezed the leg until he heard a popping sound.”

“Once he heard this sound the baby started to scream for several minutes,” police wrote in the statement of facts.

Mr. Vanbatenburg and a woman decided to wait a little bit to see if the child got better, police said.

Mr. Schonberger testified yesterday — after evaluating Mr. Vanbatenburg — that the man has a history of psychological issues and tried to injure himself in the past. Mr. Vanbatenburg tried to chew on his wrists while in the Central District Court lockup yesterday, authorities said.