Monday, February 8, 2010

Dad accused of burning 5-month-old son to go before judge; dad looks like serial abuser (Casselberry, Florida)

Dad LYNDON BARFIELD, who has been accused of burning his 5-month-old son in scalding hot water, is scheduled to go before the judge.

This is the SECOND "suspicious" incident involving this father and baby. Three weeks ago, the baby developed breathing problems after "a pillow fell on the baby's face" (well, that's Dad's story at any rate). Paramedics showed up after Daddy finally called 911--a full 30 minutes after the breathing problems started.

In both cases, Mom was conveniently out of the home, unable to supervise (or keep Daddy on the up-and-up). But of course, Mom's going to be demonized and investigated by CPS too.

It's looking to me like Dad is a serial abuser, and that he needs to be eliminated from this child's life before he manages to kill him.

Father Accused Of Burning Son To Face Judge
Posted: 9:58 pm EST February 7, 2010
Updated: 10:30 am EST February 8, 2010

CASSELBERRY, Fla. -- A Seminole County father accused of burning his son will go before a judge Monday morning. Casselberry police say 21-year-old Lyndon Barfield left his 5-month-old son in a bathtub with scalding hot water.

Barfield was arrested while visiting his son at Arnold Palmer Hospital Sunday. He is scheduled to appear before a judge at the Orange County jail Monday morning before he is taken back to Seminole County where he will be charged with child neglect.

Five-month-old Lyndon Barfield III is trying to recover from third-degree burns at Arnold Palmer Hospital.

Casselberry police say his father, Lyndon Barfield Jr., put the infant in a bathtub with scalding hot water and locked him in the bathroom Sunday.

Barfield Jr. was arrested when he showed up at the hospital to visit his son. WFTV found pictures of the child and his mother, Stephanie Barfield, on her Facebook page where she says she is happily married to the most amazing man ever.

WFTV talked to neighbors at the family's Casselberry apartment complex off SR-436.

“There's really something sick, wrong, normal people don't burn their kid with hot water,” neighbor Butch Wilson said.

Investigators said Barfield told them he went to answer a telephone call and when he came back, the infant was burned. But investigators are suspicious because three weeks ago Barfield claimed a pillow fell on the baby's face and caused him to stop breathing. Police say Barfield said he gave the child CPR for 30 minutes and then called 911.

When paramedics showed up, the child was still having trouble breathing.

In both these cases mom was not home.

“I think there needs to be some investigation done, especially the mother too,” Wilson said.

Casselberry police say they didn't think foul play was involved in the case from three weeks ago when the child nearly suffocated from the pillow, but protective services was still investigating.

The infant is expected to recover from the burn injuries.