Monday, February 22, 2010

Dad on trial for 1st-degree murder in beating death of 3-month-old son (West Palm Beach, Florida)

Dad TILLMAN C. MOORE is on trial for 1st-degree murder in the beating death of his 3-month-old son. The baby died from a fractured skull. Dad was babysitting, and didn't bother to call paramedics until the mother got home. Not surprisingly, this guy had previously threatened the mother and the baby in the weeks prior to the baby's death.

West Palm Beach mother tells jurors about finding her baby dead
By Andrew Marra
Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Updated: 7:04 p.m. Friday, Feb. 19, 2010

Posted: 5:59 p.m. Friday, Feb. 19, 2010

WEST PALM BEACH — A man accused of beating his 3-month-old son to death in 2007 listened on in a courtroom today as the mother told a jury about the day she found her baby dead and the father bewilderdly attempting CPR.

The mother was a key witness today on the first day of the first-degree murder trial against Tillman C. Moore, 25, a West Palm Beach man charged with the death of his son, Jayden Moore.

A jury listened as the mother, LaWanda Addison, tearfully recounted receiving a panicked phone call in September 2007 from Moore, who was caring for the baby in their home on Greenwood Avenue in West Palm Beach. He told her Jayden wasn't breathing.

She said she raced home and arrived minutes later. In the bedroom she found Moore attempting to perform CPR by himself.

"I asked 'Where's the paramedics?'" she said. "He said 'I was waiting for you to get home'."

She said Moore first told her that the baby must have suffered heat stroke after he took him outside in a stroller.

But he changed his story, she said, after officials at a hospital emergency room announced their son had a skull fracture.

Then, she said, he claimed that he had left him alone on the bed and speculated that he may have fallen.

Later, authorities say, he also claimed the baby had fallen from a stroller.

Addison portrayed Moore as emotionally unstable, threatening her, the baby and himself in the weeks prior to the baby's death.

Prosecutors are seeking a lifetime prison sentence for Moore. The trial is expected to last through next week and into the following week.