Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Newborn baby "allegedly" injured by dad released from hospital (Oscela, Nebraska)

Dad JOSHUA BONDEGARD has been charged with 1st-degree assault and felony child abuse for injuries sustained by his newborn son. This baby was not even a month old when "somebody" hurt him badly enough to put him into a coma.

Injured Baby Out Of Hospital
POSTED: 4:32 pm CST February 16, 2010
UPDATED: 5:48 pm CST February 16, 2010

A 29-day-old, allegedly injured by his father, has been released from the hospital.

The baby was flown from Osceola, Neb., to Omaha's Children's Hospital early in the morning on Feb. 1. Doctors notified Omaha police, who then notified the Polk County sheriff, that they suspected abuse.

The baby boy, whose date of birth is Jan. 6, was in a coma at Children's. Polk County sheriff's deputies believe the injuries to the baby took place on Jan. 31. They arrested the baby's father, 30-year-old Joshua Bondegard, of Osceola, and booked him first degree assault and child abuse, both felonies.

Bondegard's next court appearance is scheduled for Feb. 25.