Thursday, December 3, 2009

Girl says Dad made her eat cockroaches, choked her, taped her in large plastic bag, sexually assaulted her (Madison, Wisconsin)

UNNAMED DAD is on trial for child abuse for a litany of bizarre things, like forcing his daughter to eat cockroaches (among other nasty things). Note that the sensationalistic press puts the insect part in the headlines, and doesn't mention the sexual assault charges till the very last paragraph.

Dec 3, 2009 10:41 am US/Central
Girl Says Father Forced Her To Eat Insects

A Madison area girl says her father choked her, once taped her inside a large plastic bag and also ordered her to eat insects and a mouse.

The 15-year-old girl testified during her father's child abuse trial in Dane County that she was starved at home and ordered by her father to eat cockroaches, other insects and a dead mouse.

The girl also said her father put a large plastic bag on her naked body and used duct tape around her waist. She later freed herself. The Wisconsin State Journal reports the girl said her father choked her at least twice, once by lifting her off the floor by her neck.

The 39-year-old Town of Madison man is charged with 23 counts of child abuse and one count of sexual assault. Her mother pleaded no contest last month to six counts of child abuse.