Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Domestic violence part of killer dad's past (Madison, Wisconsin)

Yes, there is often a history of violence when mothers and children are murdered. This was obviously the case with father TYRONE ADAIR, who is now deceased himself.


Domestic violence part of Adair's troubled past
Posted: Dec 07, 2009 10:40 PM CST

MADISON (WKOW) -- Police have yet to nail down a motive for quadruple homicide that happened Thursday, Dec. 3 in Madison and Middleton, but they say the common link between the separate murders of a mother and her young daughter is domestic violence.

"Make no mistake about it; in terms of a tragedy, this will probably go down as the worst incident for homicides in Dane County," said Madison Police Chief Noble Wray.

Police say all four were intentional homicides with apparent domestic violence at their core.

Two mothers, two young daughters, and what police say was a troubled father and boyfriend.

"All indications suggest these were four intentional homicides by one person who is now deceased," said Dane County District Attorney Brian Blanchard.

"There does appear to be a clear message... that an attempt to break off the relationship was transpiring," said Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney.

In 2006, Adair's former girlfriend filed a restraining order, saying he punctured her tires, damaged her television and other property, made threatening calls and said he could kill her.

Years later, Adair made other, similar threats with different women. Now Tracy Judd and Amber Weigel are dead, along with their toddler daughters.

Officials say these crimes show the importance of reporting domestic violence.

"I think we see here what can happen with someone connected with abuse and difficulty in leaving abusive situations," said Blanchard.

But in Judd's case, somebody did report trouble. In March, Middleton police investigated two misdemeanor charges against Adair -- disorderly conduct and intimidation -- both directed at Judd.

"She said at that time that there had not been any injury, there had not been any incident, that she felt safe, that her children were safe."

So life continued for Adair and Judd, with no charges filed.

Nine months later, it appears similar problems have left five people dead and a community shocked.


If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, please call 911 or the Dane County Domestic Abuse Intervention Services at (608) 251-4445.