Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ex-boyfriend charged in murder of 3 family members; had been in custody battle with victims' daughter (Darien, Illinois)

Yet another reason why creepy "ex-boyfriends" like JOHNNY BORIZOV should be cut out of the picture with no custodial rights.

Ex-boyfriend among 2 people charged in Kramer family murders in Darien
March 6, 4:48 PM Chicago Crime Examiner Deborah O'Malley

Two men are now charged in the murders of three members of the Kramer family in their Darien home earlier this week.

Johnny Borizov,28, of 11280 W. 84th Place, Willow Springs, is alleged to have solicited Jacob Nodarse, 23, of Countryside, to break into the Kramer home early Tuesday and kill the family.

Borizov is the ex-boyfriend of Angela Kramer, 25, and the father of her 1-year-old son. The couple was involved in a custody battle over the child.

During a news conference this afternoon, DuPage County State's Attorney Joe Birkett said Nodarse was told by Borizov to kill Angela, her parents and her brother Michael in the family home on 8904 Kilkenny.

Nodarse allegedly entered the home at 3 a.m. March 2 by breaking a front window with a hammer.

Jeffrey Kramer, 50, Lori, 48, and Michael 29, were all shot and killed but Birkett said Nodarse couldn't find Angela. She was hiding in a closet and used a cell phone to call 911.

Also staying at the Kramer home that night, something the killers apparently hadn't planned on, was an older brother, Anthony, 29, and an unnamed 17-year-old friend of Michael's. They both managed to escape the house without injury. ( See slideshow )

Borizov and Nodarse are in custody in DuPage County Jail. Nodarse was returned last night from Florida where he allegedly tried to flee after the shootings. Borizov has been in the custody of Darien police since the morning of the murders when he went to the Darien police station to ostensibly check on the welfare of his child's mother and grandparents. He told police he heard about a shooting at the home on the news.

Nodarse was allegedly en route to Florida by then, stopping at a dumpster behind an pancake house in Terre Haute, Indiana to dump the murder weapon and other undisclosed evidence.

Birkett said Borizov thought he had an airtight alibi because he arranged to be with a friend at the Empress Casino in Joliet at the time of the killings and he is seen on casino cameras at that time. However, Birkett said investigators have a record of numerous phone calls between Nodarse and Borizov throughout the month of February in which they allegedly plotted to carry out the killings.

Nodarse was not paid for the murders but Birkett would not comment on what motivated a young man with no criminal record and a good job at the BMW dealership in Naperville to slaughter a family at the behest of Borizov. Borizov and Nodarse knew each other, in part, because Nodarse rented an apartment from Borizov's uncle, Birkett said.

Bond has been denied for both men.