Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dad who murdered 9-month-old son during court-ordered visitation had SHARED CUSTODY (Pinon Hills, California)

More information on dad STEPHEN GARCIA, who murdered his 9-month-old son during a court-ordered visitation. Now we find out that this @$$wipe actually had shared custody!

Wait! Haven't the fathers rights people told us over and over again that if daddies get shared custody, no more atrocities like this would take place? Doesn't look like it, does it? On the contrary. In the U.S., Australia, Canada, and elsewhere, we're developing quite an impressive list of murdering fathers who, in fact, had shared custody. Just like they demanded. And children are still getting slaughtered. The problem is NOT that these daddies had been "unfairly shut out" of their children's lives. No, the problem seems to be that these violent pieces of sh-- had any access at all. Maybe if they didn't have access, there would be a lot more living children.

Man suspected of killing son, self had posted details on Facebook page
By By DAVID KELLY Los Angeles Times

A Pinon Hills man suspected of killing his 9-month old son before committing suicide apparently posted details of the plans on his Facebook page in an emotional, rambling letter beginning with, "So This Is Goodbye."

"I led everyone on my side of the family to believe I wouldn't have done this because I did not want them to know....," reads the post attributed to Stephen Garcia, 25. "I did this out of love for our son, to protect him and myself. I am sorry.... Do not dwell on what I did, it's something you could not fix."

San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department investigators found Garcia and his son Wyatt at 1:30 a.m. Sunday inside his car on a dirt road in Twin Peaks. Both had sustained "traumatic injuries" and were pronounced dead at the scene.

Earlier that day, deputies had received a report that Garcia had taken his son during a court-ordered visitation and threatened to kill the boy and commit suicide.

Garcia was apparently distraught over having to share custody of the boy with his former girlfriend, Katie Tagle.

He had set up an elaborate Web site with photos, text messages, love letters and angry denunciations of Tagle's family and friends, people he thought were breaking up his family. The site included pictures of himself, his son and Tagle in happier times.

"You are THE missing piece in my life," he wrote. "I hope we can be a family together forever and I will be there for you every day."

But his efforts to bring them back together failed.

The suicide note was discovered on Garcia's Facebook page Sunday, after deputies found the bodies.

"Do not blame her.... " it says of Tagle. "Our deaths are a lot for her. It will have to suffice as her punishment."

Authorities have not said how the pair died, but the letter lashes out at those whom Garcia felt had conspired against him saying, "I HELD THE GUN, YOU PULLED THE TRIGGER.... YOU HELPED CAUSE THE DEATH OF WYATT."

The message instructs his family to sell his property except the guns, knives and snowboarding gear, which he bequeaths to his brother.

"There are so many things I wish I could have done before I died. There are so many places I wanted to go, so many things I wanted to do," the message reads. "I wanted a family of my own so bad.... I wish we could have had Wyatt's first birthday together."

Jodie Miller, a sheriff's spokeswoman, said detectives were examining the letter for further clues into the murder-suicide.

"They are looking into every avenue right now," she said.

Tagle could not be reached for comment.

Toward the end of the post, Garcia apologized for punching Tagle and making "bad choices." He asked to be buried beside Wyatt near the sea.

"Pay whatever it costs... pick a nice green place... next to the ocean and lay us to rest," he writes. "Sell my car, my items, whatever it takes but please give me this wish as a father to be with my son in that beautiful place."