Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dad tries to shut down mom's Facebook account in order to silence her (Placer County,Illinois)

Using Facebook to harrass protective parents is, unfortunately, becoming more common. Even in my case, the idiotic ex accessed my Facebook account in a desperate attempt to discredit me. In court, he was able to finally announce that he'd found definitive and shocking evidence of my musical tastes: Classical and jazz! (Oh yes! Charlie Parker is the Man! Bird Lives!)

Oh my gawd! How horrible! What an awful mother!

But finally, after 10 years or so of the court being manipulated by this guy, they finally realized how ridiculous and crazy he really was. Maybe because the GAL admitted that she liked classical and jazz too.

In this case we see how ridiculous and crazy dad JOHN DAVID THOMPSON really is. His desperate and childish attempts to silence this mother and cut her off from her friends and supporters by shutting down her Facebook account should be seen for what it is: coercive control.

From the Troyofillinois's Blog:

As 2009 Turned to 2010 – Bedwell Case

January 1, 2010 by troyofillinois

As 2009 comes to an end, I wanted to let everyone know that I am still fascinated with the baby Bedwell case and the atrocities that have occurred within. Just as I have said before I stand by Ms Bedwell’s consistent statements and that of her child whom she is advocating for and will continue to expose the truth until the child is safe from her father and these corrupt and/or blind authorities.

I have been given an original strand of emails between Connie Bedwell and The Facebook Administration regarding her old account that was deleted sometime in April 2009. This Facebook account was made during Ms Bedwell’s plight to expose Mr. Thompson and get the help of the community in hopes to save her daughter since authorities failed to do so. Based on and witnesses, Ms Bedwell had two MySpace accounts and a Facebook account deleted by Mr. Thompson. John David Thompson, Dustin’s father, admitted to this in open court on June 1, 2009 while on the stand.

This evidence I believe is pertinent to the case because it once again proves Ms Bedwell is telling the truth and Mr. Thompson is manipulative, has no problem lying to anybody about anything to get his way, harasses her, and attempts to isolate her and silence both of his victims (Ms Bedwell and Baby Aaliyah). I also find this important because in April, when this story was brought to the internet and BNN, there were a few people who thought it was not possible for someone to have someone else’s Facebook or MySpace deleted without cause. This should prove to those people that he did in fact have her accounts deleted through lying.

Ms Bedwell decided to contact Facebook to see what exactly Mr. Thompson had said in order to have her entire account deleted and the following response from Facebook is rather interesting:

Fake accounts are a violation of our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. Facebook requires users to provide their real first and last names. Impersonating anyone or anything is prohibited. Unfortunately, we will not be able to reactivate this account for any reason. This decision is final.
Thanks for your understanding,
JohannaUser OperationsFacebook”

“My name is Connie Bedwell, I’ve never had a fake account, my email that was attached to my name and facebook account is XXXXXXXXXXXXX and you have deleted my entire account because of my abuser Dustin Thompson contacting you to delete it as he admitted in our court case.
Can you please give me the REAL reason you deleted my account. I’d appreciate it.
Connie Bedwell"

At this point it seems to me that Mr. Thompson conned Facebook into believing that Ms Bedwell impersonated herself which is a violation of the rules of Facebook. I honestly do not understand this, how does one “impersonate” theirselves? It looks like Mr. Thompson did a little research before he blatantly lied to them about Ms Bedwell “impersonating” herself. The obvious reason was to isolate and silence her from her friends whom were attempting to get help due to him allegedly molesting their daughter and threatening to murder the both of them. Mr. Thompson’s sociopathic tendencies constantly remind me of those of Casey Anthony; they both tend to do the research necessary to con the people they need to continue with their crimes.

It is necessary to point these facts out to the public and Placer County “professionals” because if Mr. Thompson is lying to Facebook to silence Ms Bedwell, lying to the court system, lying to authorities, he obviously is that desperate to silence and isolate Ms Bedwell and their child about something! What would Mr. Thompson have to hide though? Everything perhaps? The truth perhaps? The alleged molestation of his own daughter perhaps? Maybe the fact that he has threatened to murder both his ex and his daughter on multiple occasions? My question to Placer County “professionals” is, weren’t you people trained to recognize the patterns of manipulative child molesters? For the readers knowledge, child molesters that commit incest have a strong feeling of entitlement to control, isolate, silence and abuse the mother of the child and the child themselves. All of which is present in a very distinct pattern throughout the entirety of this case, which further leads me to believe Placer County is outright blind or outright corrupt. Outright corrupt fits better given the facts to what is currently going on in the case which all point to Placer County trying to cover their mistakes and ignorance.

The Facebook conversation continues:

“Hi Connie,
Your account has been reactivated and you should be able to access it now. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you have any further questions, please visit our Help Center at the following address:XXXXXXXXXXX
Thanks for contacting Facebook,
JohannaUser OperationsFacebook”

I just want to be very clear as to why I need to see what he, Dustin Thompson sent Facebook when he had you delete my account claiming I was impersonating myself. He has been threatening to murder both my daughter and I and it might be a useful piece to use for the police. He, Dustin Thompson, has been harassing me and molesting my child and has successfully manipulated the authorities. You can look on the internet at if you want to look into it further. He is very manipulative and currently has a lot of people fooled, so proving his lies and harassment of me this way would be helpful that’s why I need to know what he sent you to con you into deleting that old account since his father already admitted in court that he did it. I would appreciate your cooperation.
Connie Bedwell"

“Hi Connie,
In order to further assist you with your request, we will need to receive a valid subpoena or court order. Additionally, please be aware that there are situations where we may be unable to retrieve the information that you have requested due to technical limitations.
You should contact a lawyer or your local law enforcement agency and discuss this issue with them. If you decide to pursue legal action, please have the lawyer or officer contact us at the following address:
Once they contact us, we will be able to communicate with them regarding the issue.
JohannaUser OperationsFacebook”

I will once again state that Ms. Bedwell is very consistent with all of her court paperwork, these emails, all of her documentation, all of her witnesses, the “Daddy’s Worm” video of her child speaking for 27 minutes of what her father is doing to her,’s information. Even strangers on the internet that have been speaking to her since the case broke on the net say that not one word of her entire story has changed. With the extreme amount of details to this case it would be impossible for Ms. Bedwell to keep her story straight if she were not speaking the truth.

It’s pathetic that a woman has to go to such lengths just to protect her child from a documented abuser and from an entire county of “professionals”. They should know better to not be doing what they are doing. Readers, ask yourself how Placer County is any different from her abuser, both are trying to isolate her and silence her with threats and with the unconstitutional restraining order? Usually authorities want a guilty person to keep talking so they can catch them in their lies, so ask yourself why Placer County is trying to silence her?

I hope the FBI is following along because Ms Bedwell makes an excellent point that Placer County is committing a crime by threatening her to be silent about a crime. It’s obstruction of justice, aiding and abetting a number of felonies committed by Mr. Thompson and his father John David Thompson. We have already established that Ms. Bedwell has stated throughout her court paperwork, statements and writings that Mr. Thompson has threatened to murder her child and her on multiple occasions. Then we have Placer County’s system and officials supporting Mr. Thompson’s unconstitutional restraining order. I hope the FBI gets involved for the corruption of Placer County before they have to investigate the tragedy of the deaths of both the child and mother. Somebody wake up, the child is still playing games in those visitation reports killing, burying, hitting and kicking her dead toys while hiding mommies and babies to be safe. The child is still complaining about her tongue hurting and stating how mad her daddy is. Now we have emails confirming from Facebook Mr. Thompson lied to them as well to silence, isolate, and harass her. I can also state that I have heard the audio clip of Mr. Thompson threatening suicide in 2006. Placer County, this man is not psychologically stable and has custody of a child he has threatened to murder her because she disclosed the molestation. If the Placer County authorities would have spent half the time I have spent on this case they wouldn’t be covering their butts now for the mistakes they have made. They would be properly speaking with the child and making sure she is safe.

I will continue to write about this case when new information is revealed to me. There still has been no resolution to the visitations. With 2010 just around the bend, I will pray for visitations to be amended and quickly. Not only visitations, but to get baby A away from her “mad daddy’s” home. I believe he is a ticking time-bomb.Thank you to all of you who read my blog. I look forward to writing for you again soon. Happy and Healthy New Year to you all!