Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dad beats 4-year-old stepson for biting his own lip (Belize)

Dad CORNEL GOMEZ has been fined for beating his 4-year-old stepson with a belt, causing bruises and lacerations to the back and buttocks. I though I'd heard every stupid excuse there was for abusing a child, but never heard this one. Dad was annoyed because the CHILD WAS BITING HIS OWN LIP. Oh, the horror. This is a dad who seriously needs to get a grip.


Father Charged for Harming Son
posted (January 11, 2010)

We’ve all heard of spare the rod and spoil the child, but what about use the belt and pay a fine!? That’s what happened to a father who has been fined for beating his son with a belt! 21 year old Cornel Gomez, a resident of #123 Neal’s Pen Road bat his 4 year old step son with a belt and he was charged for harm for it.

He appeared in Magistrate’s Court today where he pleaded guilty to harm and Magistrate Kathleen Lewis fined him one thousand dollars. He has until March 31st to pay. If he doesn’t pay, he will serve six months in jail. In passing sentence, the Magistrate said that it is not that parents should not discipline their children; they should, but they should not go over the limit.

The incident happened on Thursday January 7th at Gomez’s residence. 35 year old Sandy Smith – who is the common law wife of the accused and mother of the child – reported to police that Gomez beat her son because he told her son not to bite his lip and the child continued to do it. A paediatrician later found that there were bruises and lacerations to his buttocks and back which were classified as harm.