Friday, May 8, 2015

Dad who abused son for three years still awarded "conditional visits" (Sheboygan, Wisconsin)

Another example of the triumph of fathers rights. Dad JOSEPH DREPS gets his "rights" regardless of his past history of abuse, regardless of his son's feelings about the matter (which the reporter doesn't even bother to find out, as kids and their well-being, safety, and security don't matter.) No mention of a mother either--her existence, not to mention her opinions, have been neatly airbrushed out of the picture as well.

Judge Allows Father Conditional Visits

Friday, May 08, 2015 4:40 a.m. CDT
by Rusty Mehlberg

SHEBOYGAN, WI (WHBL) - A Sheboygan father accused of harming his son will be able to see him with conditions.

Judge Terence Bourke allowed the bond against 50 year old Joseph Dreps to be modified this week. Under new conditions, Dreps would see his son under the direction of Sheboygan County Human Services, and he would not be allowed to have violent or abusive contact with him and others named in the bond.

The son claims his father has beaten and abused him over the past three years whenever he is angry, leading to an arrest in March.

Online court records show Dreps will face a plea hearing and possible jury trial next month for a child abuse charge.