Monday, March 9, 2015

Dad with shared custody kidnaps two sons (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Not too many years ago, fathers rights activists started campaigning with this line that if only fathers were granted joint custody, then all these awful things wouldn't happen anymore. We just need to make those selfish gatekeeping mothers share!!! So they kept telling us.

So here we go. It's 2015. It's almost impossible for moms to get sole custody anymore. Mothers have been brainwashed that they better "encourage" the father's participation. This mom even made sure that the boys had telephone contact with the father every time they were in her care.

And how has that worked out? Control freak dads like KRISTOPHER DOHM...and many others like him...have no interest in sharing at all. They want total power. They have no interest in letting the kids talk to their mother. Now this POS has abducted the kids and Mom hasn't heard from them in weeks.

Shared custody sucks. It does not work with abusers. Period. End of discussion.

Hunt for father, boys allegedly abducted, focuses on Nevada

Published: 3:30 pm
Updated: 7:56 pm

LAS VEGAS (KSNV My News 3) -- A nationwide search for two brothers allegedly abducted by their father last month in New Jersey may be focusing on northern Nevada.

The chief of detectives in Sussex County, N.J., told News 3 today that he feels so strongly about the trio being in Nevada that he has sent several detectives to the Silver State. "I have a detective in Reno today and detectives in three other towns in northern Nevada," Thomas McCormick said.

According to police, Kristopher Dohm of Hapatcong, N.J., took his sons Parker 8, and Jaxon, 7, in early February by telling the boy's mother that he was taking them to see his dying father in Nevada "one last time."

“He had told Ms. Dohm his father was dying in Nevada and asked for a few extra days, if he could fly out there with boys so they could visit with their ailing grandfather,” Sussex County Prosecutor Francis Koch told the New Jersey Herald, adding Kristopher Dohm said he would return the boys immediately upon their return to New Jersey.

It was later learned that Kristopher Dohm's father was not ill or dying and the flight information given to Sandra Hughes Dohm — the boy's mother — was fake, Koch said.

In a news conference in New Jersey earlier today, an emotional Hughes Dohm said she had not seen her sons since Feb. 3 when they went to their father's and not spoken to them since the night of Feb. 5. Hughes Dohm said she shared custody with her ex-husband and every night when the boys were with her they would call their father to say “good night” and vice versa.

She said that she and Kristopher Dohm have shared custody for five years. She said the boys' relationship with their father was a good one and there was “no indication he would do this.”

McCormick said officials believe Kristopher Dohm's actions to be part of a plan to obtain sole custody of the boys.

McCormick said that Parker is an asthmatic and that Kristopher Dohm suffers from diabetes and needs daily insulin shots. He said officials do not believe Kristopher Dohm would hurt the boys, but are worried about the boys' safety because Kristopher Dohm's health issues may affect his judgment and because the boys are in an unfamiliar place.

McCormick said authorities are following several tips but would not speculate on where Kristopher Dohm and the boys might be and that authorities want “everybody looking for the boys,” across the country.

Kristopher Dohm stands 5-feet-7 inches, and weighs 150 pounds. He has brown hair and brown eyes.

Officials described Parker as white with brown hair and eyes, standing 4 feet, 3 inches, and weighing 60 pounds.

Jaxon is described as white with brown hair and brown eyes, standing 4 feet and weighing 50 pounds.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Jaxon has a “birthmark or mole” on his chin, and his father has a barbed wire tattoo on his right arm and another tattoo on his left leg.

Hughes Dohm has been active on social media with both Facebook and Twitter accounts dedicated to spreading the word about her missing sons.

A prayer vigil for the boys was held on Sunday at Ledgewood Baptist Church where more than 150 people prayed for the safe return of the brothers.

Hughes Dohm, in a message she hoped would reach her sons, said she will never stop looking for them. “No matter what your dad is telling you, you need to know we are looking for you and we want you to come back home to us,” Hughes Dohm said.

McCormick said detectives were doing media interviews in northern Nevada today and would follow any leads they develop. "We got two leads off Facebook this morning while their mother was talking," McCormick told News 3. "If the leads take us to Las Vegas, we will go there."