Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Custodial dad, former "CPS liason," and admitted child molester to be sentenced (Lubbock, Texas)

So Daddy Dearest destroyed his son's life by grooming him to move away from South Carolina (and his mother) to be with Daddy in Texas. Promised help with scholarships to college and all kinds of stuff like that. All lies. He destroyed this kid. Turned him into a convicted child molester just like the old man.

But notice you have to get nearly to the end to find out that WILLIAM BRILEY was a CUSTODIAL FATHER. And despite CPS investigations for child abuse, he was able to REGAIN CUSTODY.

He even became a "CPS LIASON"!!! A fact that is merely reported in passing, but hints at the vast collusion between molesters and abusers and the "child protection" agencies.

Notice that the mother has been totally erased from this story. Not one word on the process by which Daddy Dearest was able to strip her of her 13-year-old son and destroy him. Not one word about the judge and other personnel who helped him.


Family member gives testimony in sentencing of admitted child molester
William Briley faces punishment ranging from 25 years to life without parole

Posted: March 2, 2015 - 12:50pm | Updated: March 3, 2015 - 12:19am


The first day of a sentencing hearing for admitted child molester William Briley opened with testimony from a 17-year-old family member who also pleaded guilty to sexually abusing family members.

Chris Briley entered the courtroom Monday handcuffed and wearing a Lubbock County Detention Center uniform.

He testified about the sexual and physical abuse he suffered at the hands of his father, William Briley.

Chris Briley was taken from a Texas Juvenile Justice Department facility in Gainesville to testify in Lubbock. His testimony took up most of the morning.

Prosecutors also called on witnesses who testified to the emotional scars the abuse has left on the victims who were about 7 and 8 years old at the time.

The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal does not identify victims of sexual abuse. However, Chris Briley pleaded guilty in 2013 to abusing the same family members his father is accused of abusing.

William Briley, 35, entered an open plea of guilty in February in the 137th District Court to a charge of continuous sexual abuse of a child.

He faces a punishment ranging from 25 years to life in prison without parole.

Lead prosecutor Jaret Greaser asked judge John “Trey” McClendon to give Briley the maximum sentence.

He said he found no mitigating factors to warrant giving Briley anything less than life in prison.

Briley’s attorney, Mark Snodgrass, asked McClendon not to let the hatred of his client’s actions overcome his judgement and asked for a sentence on the lower range of the punishment.

He said his client was a also victim of sexual abuse and struggled with drug addiction.

“There are no excuses, but there are reasons for this case,” he said. “Take a look at the person.”

William Briley was arrested in 2013 after a family member made an outcry to a guidance counselor about Chris Briley’s abuse.

During the ensuing investigation the family member also accused William Briley of abuse.

Chris Briley testified in court to moving to Lubbock from South Carolina when he was 13-years-old to live with his father.

William Briley had promised him a better life if he moved with him, saying he could play football and possibly earn a scholarship to go to college.

Once in Lubbock, Briley said his father began talking to him about sex and what his sexual interests were.

The subject progressed and William Briley would lay down sexual challenges, Chris Briley said.

He said his father wanted to find out if Chris Briley performed a sexual act better than William Briley’s girlfriend, Lacy McCauley.

William Briley followed through with the challenge two days after his son’s 14th birthday.

About six months to a year later, William Briley made his son perform a sexual act on McCauley, Chris Briley said.

McCauley is facing a charge of aggravated sexual assault stemming from the investigation.

Chris Briley said his father would also sexually and physically abuse him.

He recounted his father’s temper, saying he would be on the receiving end of a backhand if he spoke out.

Chris Briley said he believed his father sexually abused other family members but did not observe it.

He said his father spoke to him when a family member complained about Chris Briley’s abuse.

Chris Briley said his father told him his urges toward family members were natural and that he had the same feelings when he was his age.

During the hearing, a video of an interview between a family member with a children’s advocacy center agent was played.

During the interview, the family member accused Chris Briley of abusing her and another family member.

Later on she accused William Briley of the same abuse.

Forensic interviewer Terri Sanchez said the outcry against William Briley was a surprise.

She said she only knew about Chris Briley’s abuse before the interview.

The victim’s legal guardian said the children have developed trust issues and a fear of rejection.

The victims were removed from an initial foster home because the foster parents said they were ill equipped to deal with children’s issues stemming from the abuse.

The current guardian said the children refuse to talk about their past and suffer from post traumatic stress disorder.

William Briley’s probation officer also testified and listed the defendant’s drug-fueled criminal history.

Briley’s probation records revealed his struggle with drug addiction in which the defendant would seek rehabilitation only to relapse.

Megan McCracken, with Child Protective Services, said Briley was investigated in 2005 and his children were removed from his custody.

However, she said Briley worked to improve himself and regained custody of his children.

She said Briley even became a CPS liaison.

However, he lost that status after relapsing.

She described the charges against Briley as surprising.

The hearing continues Tuesday at 9:30 a.m.